Few of My Faves: My own Blog Posts!

I know what your fave blog posts are because they are the most read - but do you want to know MY fave blog posts??? Here they are some of my faves about parenting!!

1. No One Tells You 

2. 5 Spankings

3. Mamma's Favorite Birthday Present

4. Someone is Following In Your Footsteps 

5. Blessings of Pregnancy 

6. God: The Master Discipliner

Check these out and
Time to link-up your faves! The rules have changed for this link-up party! I've been struggling to come up with entire LISTS of faves so here are the new "rules!"

1. Your post must be about something or somethings that are your Fave! It could be a book review, a recipe, a product, a person, you name it! As long as it is a favorite - post it!

2. You must link back to me with this blog button!

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