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Right now, the ONLY clean room in my house is: MY SCHOOLROOM!!! Does this ever happen to you? I worked really hard on my schoolroom last week to get it ready for the first days of school and the rest of the house fell into disrepair. Sigh. 

BUT! I am in love with our room! And I just HAVE to show it off with you and give you my ideas on decorating CHEAPLY but creatively!

I hung twine on the walls and paper-clipped the ABC cards from the curriculum I'm using across the top of the two walls you can see here. The posters were very exciting because on Amazon they cost about $5 a piece and I was NOT excited about that so I contemplated making my own but wasn't really excited about that either but then DOLLAR TREE came to my rescue and they had 2 for $1! They are pretty good except they have a baseball hat for the letter "C" which is a little confusing for little people - but oh well it's fifty cents! I also hung twine across the walls above my kids' desks so they could attach their artwork or other accomplishment papers with clothes pins - they thought these were AWESOME and proceeded to fill them up right away! 

As you can see, my desk and my chair on wheels is in between my kids two desks and it works great going from one desk to the other and back - AND I can do my own thing when they are doing worksheets on their own. I also was able to show them a science Youtube video yesterday which was a really fun addition to the curriculum. 

Emily even has her little nook all figured out by my bookcase which has paper, books, and puzzles - makes it easy to have all of that in here if I decide to use them in my teaching. Oh and have to tell you about the "Tell Me About Today" calendar in the corner - it was FIFTY CENTS!!! Yes, at a thrift shop! I was jumping UP and DOWN about that one! These babies run anywhere from $40 and up!  

What do you think? Do you have any thrifty ideas for decorating a schoolroom? 
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  1. Looks great! I use the twine and clothes pins to hang artwork at my house also.
    God bless!


  2. Ann, looks great. Love the twig tip. Clever idea.

    Thanks for linking up to Domestically Divine.

  3. I love it! What did you use to attach the twine to the walls?

  4. Mom of 5 - I just used those flat metal push pins and made sure they were going into the corner studs - it seems to hold pretty well!

  5. Ann, I love school rooms! Perhaps one day we will have one. For now the dining room table serves us well. What did you use for your desks? Are those night stands or end tables? What a terrific idea!

    Loving your blog makeover by the way! Great job on your Image Mapping Header! Cute, cute!

  6. Organization... ahhh..... what is that, anyway! *sigh* Looks great, Ann!!

  7. So Cute!!!! Jealous of the amazing organization you have going on in there! So Awesome!

  8. I LOVE your use of twine! GREAT idea!!! You have a great school room!

  9. Love decorating on the cheap:) Great school room and great ideas. Visiting from WLW.

  10. Thank you ladies!!! You are all very encouraging! Esther - You'll have to check out my post tomorrow and you'll see my desk project :0) But they were free and just lying around - just in disrepair.

  11. Love the school room! I look forward to the day when we can have a school room. We just use a corner of the living room for now.


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