About Me

I'm so glad you stopped by! How I would love to pull up a chair with you and get to know you too but alas, the computer screen prevents it so we'll have to do what we can! But I can tell you a bit about myself to get us started!

I am married to the sweetest, most handsome man EVER! And he's my pastor! We were friends in college at Faith Baptist Bible College and we went to the same church - while we were there we were simply friends until two months before we graduated. Within weeks we were engaged and in November 2005. Five months later we were married. 

Since then life has been a roller coaster ride as we served as leaders in the churches we attended and eventually my husband became an assistant pastor in a small church in my hometown. 

God led us to pursue further ministry possibilities and my husband attended Faith Baptist Bible Theological Seminary for his Master's degree. Now my husband is the pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Illinois and I am loving being the Pastor's wife! Most of the time that is!  

I am one of those pastor's wives that LOVES to be involved in the ministry of the church. I was before I married the pastor and I continue to serve in whatever way I can! I enjoy public speaking and have spoken for several ladies functions and love to give devotionals at our ladies meetings in our church. If you would like to contact me about speaking for one of your events please do so! 

Life in Our Fishbowl Button
One of the things I enjoy writing about is "Life in Our Fishbowl." It's important to me that people know that Pastor's wives are human and sinful and imperfect just like anyone else - it's just that we get noticed more because we are attached to THE PASTOR! (Who, I might add, although wonderful, is also a sinful and imperfect human too!) I have NOT arrived to a position of extra holiness, I am growing and learning everyday and find myself leaning on God heavily for patience, joy and peace. I also struggle often with pursuing God's standard for my life and ignoring the perceptions of being a good mom, wife and pastor's wife.  

I am mother to these beautiful and wonderful children! As a mom, I write all the time about parenting this sweet but also sinful children. As a sinful mom, I struggle all the time to raise them in a way that will please them most - to find out more about my parenting go here!

Aimee is my oldest and she is Mommy's little helper! I do not know what I would do without this little four-year-old! She is a girly-girl who wants to be like mommy - most of the time! She is also a drama queen which being interpreted she is MOODY! She can go from very happy to devastated in a matter of seconds. 

Cody is my SON! He is my only son and he is sandwiched between my two girls! Sometimes I think I should have just named him BOY because he defines it to the MAX! Constantly on the move in one way shape or form he is always getting into mischief and often that means trouble. But he's also mommy's little sweetheart and he gives me the most precious hugs and kisses!

Emily is my youngest and she is quite the character! Even though she was just born in April 2011, she has been the quickest to let us see her little personality! She would much rather reach for you with her toes or her tummy than her arms, she has a way of letting you know EXACTLY what she wants. She has daddy completely taken into her little web!

This is little Dorema - she was 14 weeks when Jesus held her in His arms. We had decided that if God wanted us to have another child, then we would give Him one and within a week I was expecting her. We gave her to Him twice - the second time was much sooner than I expected but the peace that filled my heart was unmistakable and I look forward to meeting her someday in heaven. We named her from the Greek word for "perfect gift" found in James 1:17 "Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." Her name was chosen before we knew of her passing and it was so appropriate we knew it had to remain hers.

That's me in a nutshell! Thanks for hearing my story! Please comment on my posts and introduce yourself if you are new to Stringer Mama! I'd love to hear about YOU!