Having a Successful Garage Sale

I LOOOVE Garage sales! They are the best!!! I love finding great deals on things that I already needed! But since I love garage sales and HATE clutter - sometimes the two things don't go along with each other! Unless you're HAVING ONE!! Like I am. This weekend. Joy.

So here's how its all coming together. I grabbed a LARGE box. (Okay okay boxES!) Then I went into each and every room and grabbed things that I have not used for the past year or have no further use for. This has to be my favorite part because its pretty amazing what I haven't used and can actually make a profit at a garage sale. Then I figure out the pricing of each item. And remember you may need to go to a lower price so mark accordingly!

Clothes: TRY to forgo putting your clothing on a garage sale. Find a consignment shop and I promise you that you will make more money that way. But after the consignment shop goes through your clothes take back the things they can't sell and put them on your garage sale for an over all charge - $5 a bag goes really well or $1 a piece or 0.50 cents. Don't over charge especially if the consignment shop didn't want them! If you MUST put lots of clothes on a garage sale SEPARATE by SIZE!!! I cannot stress this ENOUGH! Get some shallow bins or totes and put one size in each tote and put a sign on it. 50% of people WILL not look through clothes at a garage sale if they have to be concerned with whether or not this will fit.

Furniture: HOT ticket item at a garage sale! I made $1500 at a garage sale because I had several pieces of furniture. Research how much a generally used piece of furniture is going for at a Goodwill or Salvation army because normally that is what you are competing with. Then find out how much it is BRAND SPANKIN NEW! Then determine how close to new your piece is and mark somewhere along those lines! I sold a sectional couch for $400 at a garage sale because buying furniture NEW is EXPENSIVE! A new sectional couch approaches $1000! We got the couch for free! Then I turned around and bought a loveseat and couch on sale for $600! Yay! Put these things outside of your garage because those are the things that make people stop!

Group like objects together: Put kitchen items together, jewelry together, toys, books, shoes, and games. There is a reason department stores have departments! If you put it all hodge podge together, people who like to buy jewelry might miss it if it's next to kitchen items they don't want.

Be willing to wheel and deal: As people come into your sale, let them know if they don't like the price, that they should make an offer! People who normally don't offer a different amount might take you up on it!

Timing: STRIVE to have your sale while other people are having sales! City-wide, block-sales, or during big events (we're having Chatsworth Heritage Days this weekend!) are GREAT times to have sales because people are out and about anyway! And, die-hard garage salers will be on the prowl! :0)

Higher Priced Items: Mark it to make an offer! You'd be surprised how much people will spend for and item that you maybe wouldn't have expected. If you really want to mark a specific price then look it up online and find out what it retails for and print it out and stick it with the item. Just make sure you make it clear that the buyer is still getting a good deal - it IS a garage sale and people WANT BARGAINS! Not Wal-Mart!

What tips and tricks do YOU have for holding a garage sale? You might be sitting on something I can use so hurry up and tell me! :0)
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  1. I found that paying the whatever amount to post an ad in the local paper is totally worth it. :) I've been against paying the paper in the past BUT now I'm a g/sale mom of 2 and don't have the energy/time/patience to drive all over town to look for sales that may or may not have what is on my list. :) We buy the majority of our kids' clothes/maternity/kid gifts at g/sales...I'm a die hard. And I've noticed that now that I have a specific list the Lord provides EXACTLY what we need (or want) for just the price we want to pay. :) Have fun! We did ours about a month ago and were able to go on our no kid vacation with part of the money and upgrade the hubby's wardrobe with the other part. Love g/sales!

  2. Oh what perfect timing!! A friend and I are having a yard sale tomorrow. Great suggestions, I'll be sure to use them. :)

  3. great suggestions! I think I will have one in a few weeks. thank you :)


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