5 Spankings

Me: Aimee, can you tell me a story?
Aimee: Yes! Once upon a time Jesus was on the cross
Me: Jesus was on the cross? Why was He on the cross?
Aimee: -
Me: Jesus was on the cross because He died for our sins. Do you know what sins are?
Aimee: No
Me: Sins are when you do something naughty - like when you get a spanking.
Aimee: Like when I climb into Cody's bed? and mamma and daddy spanking?
Me: Yes! Like when you climb into Cody's bed and you get a spanking. Jesus was on the cross to take away a very big spanking for Aimee.
Aimee: Jesus got 5 spankings? (in awe)
Me: Kindof!

Aimee only gets 2 spankings when she needs correction so to her the idea of 5 spankings is absolutely terrible - just as Jesus' death should be considered to be in our grown-up eyes. Aimee has identified her sin nature and understands it - how cool is that?!? Theology through the eyes of a two-year-old absolutely priceless. I am so thankful for Jesus taking away my "5 spankings."

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