Woo Your Man: Give The Gift You Never Want to Give

Is there a hobby or activity that your special someone does that you really don't care for? 
Is there something that you've been holding back from him because you REALLY REALLY don't want to do it? 

Consider giving him the ultimate gift - your participation or support in that activity even if you can't STAND it!

After all, you do LOVE him right?

If he loves model airplanes - give him tickets to an airshow, one for him and one for you!

Or if he loves football, give him a new football and let him teach you how to play and PLAY with him!

Or if he loves tent camping, give him that new sleeping bag he wants and include one for you too! Then GO with him!

Or if he loves a certain type of food, take him to his favorite restaurant and EAT IT!

If your hubbie loves those stupid humor movies, give him Nacho Libre and tell him you'll watch it with him. With no mocking. 

I am NOT endorsing this movie!! ;0)
That's what I did. And guess what? It really wasn't SOOO bad because I wasn't
 watching it for the joy of the movie (of which there is VERY little enjoyment!) I was watching it because I wanted to show my hubbie I loved him. It was for him, not me. What gift can you think of that your hubbie would be shocked to get from you because he knows how much you despise it? 

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  1. But nacho libre is FUNNY and has a great soundtrack!! It's a win win right?....My husband loves Golf I hate Golf...but I'm not sure he wants me to play with him? I'll ask....nice post

  2. Good point Sarah! Hmm. . . Maybe a date at a golf resort and he can go golfing and you can curl up with a book somewhere? :0)

  3. Great tips! Maybe I should offer to play video games with my hubby.... :)

  4. Maybe I need to surprise him with popcorn and a Starwars Movie night or Indiana Jones (oh mercy) I am scared to death of outer Space and the Desert oh and the Sna... I can't even spell it. I refer to them as the "S" words. So both of his all-time Favorite movie Series' are Hard for me to endure. :) Love this post. Such a sweet idea!

  5. Melissa - sounds like a good opportunity to snuggle with your man and let him "protect" you! :0) I have to ask were you going to spell snakes? Because if you were, I am DEATHLY afraid of the things and I physically CANNOT watch a movie with the things! :0)

  6. I just did that a few days ago and we played Goldeneye on the Wii - funny thing was a totally creamed him and he wouldn't play with me after that!!!

  7. I went and watched Red Tail with my husband last week...every war movie has had too much blood and gore for me...only near the end did I have to look away...it was actually a really good movie and unlike Pearl Harbor, the focus was on the hisory not a love triangle...there is a romance, but it is very minor in the story, which I liked...hubby thinks I am backwards sometimes when it comes to things like that ;-)

  8. Wonderful exhortation! Funny, too! Is there such a thing as Jack Black ~ Nacho Libre? God will bless you, dear one ;)

  9. Haha, yes I was referring to that horrible "S..." word! I stutter when I start to say it. Oh I can't stand it :)


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