Blessings of Pregnancy

The best things about being pregnant. This is not talking about the baby part because OBVIOUSLY that is the best. I'm just talking about the PREGNANCY part, not including the baby! Does that make sense - probably not! So not in any special order here they are! 

1. I have every excuse to take naps - lots of them! 

2. No one thinks twice when I eat an extra sweet thing, or more! 

3. My husband is so much more willing to carry things up and down the stairs for me even several times a day! 

4. I have different clothes to wear - if you're like me, you have more pregnancy clothes than regular clothes so it gets exciting! 

5. People are more concerned for my health. More prayers are sent my way! 

6. My hubbie does the sweetest things for me and because I get so hormonal - they seem especially sweet so I end up crying in thankfulness (Hey! Hormones aren't ALWAYS bad!) 

26 weeks - almost! 
7. On the hormone subject, I can always cry if I want to and people just understand! Helps a TON if you're a crier like me pregnant or not. It's like a crier break because I don't HAVE to explain the tears! 

8. If you do something stupid or say something stupid all I have to do is say "I'm growing baby brains!" and it's all forgiven! Most of the time anyway! 

9. I have a reason for the house being a mess, the laundry piled up, the food on the table isn't glorious and any other things that are normally seem to be expected of me because everyone knows being pregnant is HARD WORK! 

10. If I forget something - see number 8! 

I needed a little pregnancy pick me up - it's really easy for me to come up with the difficult things because you know those pregnant women who say they LOOOOVE being pregnant? SOOOOO NOT one of them! I'm almost to 26 weeks but it seems like such a looooong time to go. And just for fun and since I haven't really ALLOWED any pregnancy pics of myself, here's one to show off the baby bump. Wow - I'm huge! Have a blessed day! And Happy New Year! 
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  1. You look radiant, Ann! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad we can be PG at the samt time, especially after both of our experiences. Love ya!

  2. Ann,

    you look beautiful! I have loved reading about your lovely family ;) I found this post especially fun, because though I LOVE my darling little boy - I have some moments when I actually miss being pregnant. Unbelievable, huh?!?! :) Wishing you all the best in the next ~14 weeks.

  3. You look totally adorable, Ann! I love your list of pregnancy positives! I had to remind myself of some of these as I endured my 9 months too! Being pregnant really is a blessing... but the days do get long sometimes! Hang in there! I'm glad you're at 26 weeks- that's when Grant was born, so I always feel like after week 26 is the "safe zone"! :) Love you Ann!

  4. OH yes... the Joys of being pregnant.. and when you're not pregnant you miss it... well i do anyway !!! :)

    You look great... :) Such a blessing... Congrats on the little one :)

  5. You look wonderful and happy! :)

  6. You look beautiful. I just loved being pregnant too! Visiting today from the link up at Women Living Well :)


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