Organize Your Year: Bible Reading and Giveaway!

Nothing like the beginning of a new year to plan out your spiritual journey! There are MANY MANY people (myself included) who strive to read the Bible in a year. To be honest, I never succeed. So I gave up on that goal. Then my goal became to read the Bible every day. That was MUCH better but I STILL struggled. 

But I am not striving for a perfect calendar. I am striving for growing my relationship with God. That is my true goal. So if I mess it up and miss a day it's okay because my GOAL is not to read every day but to grow closer to God so that at the end of this year, I can look back and say:

"God, thank you for allowing me to grow closer to You!"

With that in mind, obviously there are several different ways to do this. The best way is to spend time in His Word! My favorite way is via EMAIL! I know crazy right? The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is read my email and every day I receive a passage of Scripture emailed directly to me. If you go to  you can customize your own daily reading plan. I always leave the email in my inbox until I get it read. I love it - you will have to check it out! 

Another one I really enjoy using is I like the clear cut website - I use it for searching for Bible passages for my blogging too. There are devotional plans that you can set up so it will go to the next day automatically.

And of course there are other Bible devotionals written by man that would be wonderful ADDITIONAL resources that can greatly enhance your spiritual growth. Some that I have truly been amazed at how God has used them to shape and grow me are "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World," "Loving God with All Your Mind" and "Me, Myself, and Lies."

A resource that I have used in the past is this "It's Personal" Daily Journal. It's a $15, 90-day devotional guide that I found very helpful. It uses 5 different forms of communication with God. If you are interested in truly jump starting your devotional life this would be a great resource! I must warn you though - it takes TIME to fill it out but trust me, it definitely grows you closer to God if you put forth the effort. 

Here is a picture I took of my journal - this was given to me several years ago so it make have changed a bit in appearance but they don't seem to have any other pictures on the website so I thought I would help you out with that! 

Those are a few ideas to get you going! Whatever you decide to do - do it for His glory! He wants to spend time with His child because like any "Parent" He loves you very very much.  

What have you decided to plan out for your spiritual journey this year? Please share in the comments below!


I contacted the makers of "It's Personal Daily Journal" and they gave me a free journal just for you! So if this journal piqued your interest but you're not sure if you want to plunge in and buy it,

leave a comment below with the title of your favorite devotional
(the Bible is fine but I'm thinking OTHER book ;0) ) and you just might win one!

If you don't want to wait use this code:


Make sure you check back this week because I'm explaining a lot of ways to Organize Your Year! 

In HIS Grip, 


  1. Great giveaway!! I really like the Our Daily Bread books, or from online. They are short and always encouraging. I can do them alone or since they are so short I can do them with another devotional.

  2. Honestly, I haven't used devotional books much, but I did do the Maximize Your Mornings Bible study last session and really enjoyed it!

    The journal looks really interesting. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  3. I have been trying the Bible in a Year with our church for four years in a row. We use I almost finished this past year but I got about a month behind and instead of starting at the beginning, I plan to just finish out the chronological reading. But I did start Hearing from God each Morning by Joyce Meyer. It's short and there is no excuse for me not to fit it in each day, but like you said, my ultimate goal is to just grow closer to God.

  4. I have mostly used Beth Moore's book and been blessed. This journal looks great!

  5. This one is dependent on your circumstances, but Streams in the Desert is so good for when you're going through a rough time. I read through it when my Mom was sick with cancer, and it was very applicable and encouraging. Short readings too.

  6. Ooh I would love to win the daily journal! Thank you for hosting :) I love anything Max Lucado has written & I have also been (trying) to work my way through Donna Partow's Becoming The Woman God Wants Me To Be.

    Wishing you a blessed beginning to your New Year! :)

  7. This is a great giveaway, and i would really put this journal to good use!! My favorite book i have used so far was"A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George....i have yet to find anything to top that!! :)

  8. What a great giveaway! At our house we have enjoyed Josh McDowell's Family Devotions.
    God bless!

  9. I love Utmost for His's been a few years since I cracked that spine open so I might have to give it another go in 2012! God Bless. :o)

  10. Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young is an AMAZING devotional.

    I am really interested in that journal-- what a great way to document intentionally your time in the Word and in prayer. Love the idea!!

  11. My favorite devotional help is a journal. I try to write the date, what I read and some verse or portion that spoke to my heart.

  12. Pretty much anything by Elizabeth George

  13. My favorite book is from E. George A Women after Gods own heart.

  14. I have used Girlfriends in God online... Or Pathway to His Presence book by John Bevere.

  15. I am currently on Day 65 of Beth Moore's 90 Days with Jesus and am really enjoying it. I am also looking forward to starting a devotional I found online to use with Elizabeth Prentiss' Stepping Heavenward. The journal looks great - got my fingers crossed!! ;-)

  16. I really don't use a set devotional book, I have looked up some online devotionals and got ideas. I would love to be organized and intentional about my devotions, though. I usually pray for the Holy Spirit to lead me to what I need from God in the Word.

  17. I get a devotion via e-mail every day from Proverbs 31 ministries. It's a great reminder for me. I also enjoy my womens study devotional Bible.

  18. For email devos, I have really been challenged by the Proverbs 31 Ministry emails, as well as the Moments with You emails from Dennis & Barbara Rainey which have a lot of challenges for raising children as well as relating to your spouse (and others). As for a REAL book, I have really been blessed and challenged by "The One Year Love Language Minute" by Gary Chapman. It makes me look at the motivations of what I do, and helps me understand when other people are showing me love in a way I might not otherwise recognize.


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