Help! I'm LAZY!!!

Yes it's true. I'm completely confessing here and being transparent. Many of you who know me or even just follow my blog may be thinking. Umm. . . if YOU are lazy, I must be DEAD! Well, you don't see what's in my heart. But God does. And He knows, I am lazy.

I am participating in the Homemaker's Challenge and going through Sarah Mae's book, "31 Days to Clean." Let me tell you this book is fantabulous! And very convicting too! I'm also following the Homemaker's Challenge blog and the post for Day 9 - Confronting Laziness, hits me right where it hurts.

I may be busy and doing something CONSTANTLY and still be lazy. I may be:

Folding Laundry
Organizing My Closet
Sorting my Chest Freezer
Cleaning My Room
Reading Books to My Kids

and be LAZY at the same time!

You see, these things are things that I am responsible for that I actually ENJOY doing! I enjoy folding laundry because I wash laundry once a week and when I have 5 loads all piled up ready to fold I plop down in front of a movie and fold laundry and hang it on hangers all while I am watching a Netflix or something. It's FUN! Or I love to organize ANYTHING!!! My kids clothes, toys, books, my cleaning closet, my cupboards, my craft supplies - I love doing it!

Here's the problem. The things I am doing are not the LAZINESS factor. It's what I'm NOT doing when I'm doing these things that is the problem.

My kitchen floor may be taking on a life of its own because I am too LAZY to sweep. (Don't ask why, I just don't like it!) I love to mop with my Shark Steamer but I hate to do the sweeping BEFORE the mopping.

My dishes are never ending so I tend to let them pile up on my counters because I am too LAZY to unload the dishwasher. When it's empty I have no problem filling it and keeping my counters clean, it's when it gets full of clean dishes that I let it fall behind.

My bathrooms. Sigh. I am too LAZY to clean my bathrooms. I have even considered finding a MAID to come in once a week if only for an hour to clean my BATHROOMS! Many times my ENTIRE HOUSE will be spotless except for the bathrooms because I am too lazy to clean them!

I have many excuses for not doing these things trust me! I'm too tired and I have too much to do top the list. But the excuses don't matter because that's what they are: EXCUSES!

So here I am standing blogging completely transparent before you. I am going to work on my laziness and my areas that provoke my laziness. Because God's Word says:

The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing
while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied
Proverbs 13:4

I have the soul of a sluggard that craves a clean home but I need the soul of the diligent. 

In HIS Grip, 
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  1. Oh does that hit home! I am right there with you on the dishes...that is my 11 year olds' only kitchen chore...unload the dishwasher every day. Then mama will hop right in there and take care of the dishes...what is it about putting away forks that is soooo annoying? lol...

    I wrote a post last month that sort of goes along with this...

    ~blessings~ Jen @ Narrow Way Wife

  2. I haven't done Sara Mae's book yet (I'm hoping to do the study with my 6 oldest daughters), but I KNOW it's gonna hit me hard. I shared your comment about the kitchen floor with my 12 yr old daughter, who is responsible for sweeping and mopping our floor. We all giggled over that (we can relate!). Next time it looks neglected I'll be sure and comment on "the life it's taking on of it's own".

  3. Wow thank you for being so transparent! I struggle with this SO much. Probably just as much as you if not more. It's embarrassing, and people have even pointed it out to me. I am trying to work on it. It is definitely convicting though.

  4. Love your transparency. I'm behind in the readings but day 9 sounds like one I need to read right now.

  5. Boy, I can relate to that one! I, too have considered hiring a "bathroom maid" because I hate it too! I just get so overwhelmed with EVERYTHING when I am SO tired, and trying SO hard to keep up with homeschooling! It is also hard to complete any project with a toddler hanging on to your leg! ;-) I'll have to try that book! (I should have done that this summer!)

  6. I'm too lazy to clean my bathroom, too. You're definitely not alone there. One of my least favorite chores. But when I DO get it done, I love how it looks in there! Ha ha!

    Thanks for linking up, Ann! :)

  7. um yeah, right there with you. i don't mind the laundry, but i hate ironing and will put it off for as long as possible (much to the chagrin of my husband as he slowly runs out of dress shirts). and even my bathroom floor being covered in my hair isn't enough motivation to clean it...ew. i think my problem is that with a toddler, there are certain chores i have to do when he's napping so he doesn't burn himself with the iron, get his hands on bathroom cleaner, etc. But when naptime comes around I feel like it's MY time, so of course I don't want to do these things. i'll have to look up those links you shared...thanks so much for your transparency!


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