DIY Dollhouse! Day 3

Alrighty, here it is! I finally worked on some furniture for Aimee's dollhouse. It took a leeeetle more time than I had expected but after a little trial and error I have finished a couch, a chair and a Christmas tree! So here we go!

I did the couch first and since I HAD NO CLUE what I was doing, I didn't take step by step pics but here they are for the chair that will hopefully give you the overall idea for any type of furniture.

I used building blocks to form the base but it works just as well to use cardboard hot glued together - which is how I did the couch. I drew the back of the chair slightly larger than the base.

Then I hot glued the back to the base flush with the bottom of the base.

I cut out two sides of the chair to form the arms and I attached it with hot glue to the back and the sides of the base.

I started attaching the fabric one part oat a time to see how it would fit the best. I really had no pattern to doing this, I just knew where I needed it to look straight and even and where I could have boo-boos.

More of an idea of how I glued on the fabric.

The back of the chair I just glued on a piece to the back to cover the edges.

The "cushion" was only a piece of fabric folded and glued down .

Ta-da! The finished couch and chair!

The Christmas tree was interesting to say the least. I basically made a cone shape out of posterboard and reinforced it with strips of cardboard. Then I hot glued some artificial Christmas tree scraps around the cone. I used one of Aimee's old necklaces as garland and some little plastic snowflakes as ornaments. There is probably a better way of doing this so I won't bore you with details about how I did it but here is the finished dollhouse living room! Yay!

Don't you LOVE it! I know I do! I wish I was a little girl again so I could have the excuse of playing dollhouse again! I guess I'll just have to steal some playtime with Aimee. That's just as good if not better!

Oh yes, and monies spent? Still holding at $0 folks! I have only used SCRAPS of things I already had lying around! Yippee!


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  1. Those are SO cute! It makes me happy that I have a little girl now so I can look forward to projects like this in the years to come. I loved my doll house when I was growing up.

  2. I once created a miniature doll house when I went back home in Arizona. My little cousins enjoyed playing it.


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