Life In Our Fishbowl: AAAAHHHH!!!

So today is Monday and that means it's time to write a Life In Our Fishbowl blog post. So in the midst of

collecting about 6 loads of laundry from various  places throughout my house, 
saying no to snacks and candy requests for the fourth time, 
trying to soothe a baby who is fighting sleep due to her poor little runny nose and cough, 
and ignoring the ringing church phone that seems to EXPLODE on Mondays with callers desiring to rip off the church (you'd be shocked the kind of calls I field!),
and basically lifting up my voice and screaming to join the rest of the screams of my home, 

I realized I had not written a post and I decided to skip it - I have other things going on today. But then a still small voice seemed to drown out the rest of the voices and the chaos around me and said, "This is life in your fishbowl too."

WHAT??? I am NOT going to explain these kind of happenings going on in my home TODAY! 
HA HA HA Lord, but no thank you. 
I don't have to be THAT transparent! 
After all this is MY blog! This isn't YOUR blog. . . or wait. . . 


Have you ever felt that maybe God was smiling at you and your little "rants?" Well, I did.  Just now, today. So here it is, my life in the fishbowl is pretty messy. My attitude needs an adjustment, my spirit needs calming and after a little "talk" with God, I'm going to go and meditate on this verse - the verse that God laid on my heart in the first place for this blog. Meditate while I put my house in order, both spiritually and physically on this:

I have learned in whatever state I am to be content. 
Philippians 4:11

The verse that helped me decide that if God led me to write about it, I would. Because THAT is the only way I will truly find success, is by pleasing HIM and following HIS leading. Even if it means writing about the messies of my life, even if it means sharing the weaknesses that God is exposing in me. Even if it means telling you that my house is currently a DISASTER which strikes my pride in every way imaginable.

So here we are again Lord, and once again I give my blogging to You. 

More of YOU and less of me
In HIS Grip, 


  1. Ann, Thank you for your transparancy. I know it's hard to air the "messy" parts of life. It's encouraging to me when my life gets messy to know that I have friends out there who are going through similar things. I'm not alone. Thank you for pointing out Phil. 4:11. I really needed that.

  2. Oh my goodness. It seems like my children need to talk to me all day and when they can't think of anything else to say it's "Mommy, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty Momma...Momma, Momma, MOMMAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I'm Hungry" I'm so glad to know I'm not alone :)
    have a blessed day Friend!

  3. Ann, thank you for sharing your real life with us. Most of us needed to see that today. Our fishbowl is messy today too. I had an appointment this morning that I couldn't make because I can't find the keys, etc., etc., etc.! Thanks for a great job with your blog. :)

  4. My house is a disaster, right now, too! I'm with ya, girl! (And I have company coming over, to boot...oh boy!!!) Thanks for sharing your's ALL of our hearts...we are all living it ;) Blessings!

  5. You know, when we lived in Iowa, I clung to Phillipians 4:11... Just kidding! :) Love you!

    Your husband!


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