Modesty for Curves: Tips & Tricks

One of the jobs that comes with being a Pastor's wife is talking to teenage girls and sometimes grown women about modesty. The biggest frustration I have found among girls in churches today is not explaining the importance of modesty but HOW TO DO IT! 

Modesty is a challenge for me! But not in the way you may be thinking. The way God shaped me creates a CHALLENGE! I'm always hiking it up, or down, or around, or SOMETHING to make sure things are just as they should be. Oh, and it seems that EVERY time I carry my baby around I have to do a modesty sweep to check and make sure baby's hands are not pulling my clothes in the wrong direction. 

I've heard MANY amazing, godly women talking about modesty and covering up what should be kept for your husband's eyes only. But I have yet to hear of some practical ideas on HOW to do this! For women like me who desire modesty but have the curves that are somewhat harder to hide, this is for you! 

There are some tricks I have learned to help my curvy form be modest! Check out these "immodest" pieces turned "modest!" 

1. Tank Tops - wearing these under my shirts are probably my number one way of being modest!  I even have some tank tops that I wear BACKWARDS! Sounds strange I know but when you hold up a normal women's tank top, the BACK is usually higher than the front (go figure!). 

2. Tube Tops -These can be difficult to find but are very helpful to cover where it counts. Tube tops are nice because they stay put really really well - sometimes they are not high enough so try it on in the store and move around a lot to make sure it accomplishes the task. Wear them under the low-necked shirts that you have always wanted to wear but never could! 

3. Biker shorts - Yup - I love these! They are perfect for wearing under my skirts. I picked this up in my college days when skirts were required daily - even in 10 degree weather and on the windiest campus on earth! But I appreciated how much more modest I was when wearing them! It covers you completely in the back because they are cut higher than your normal pants and skirts. And if your toddler comes up behind you and pulls on your skirt just a little too hard - no worries! (They also have a nice shape helper factor too!) 

4. LDS shopping for formal wear. I am not Mormon and I don't like to support their venues - but let's face it, when it comes to modesty - they have it covered - literally! LDS formal wear is typically more reasonably priced than other modest clothing shops because they don't present modest wear as specialty clothing - let me know if you have found a non-LDS site that is reasonably priced for formal wear. 

Those are a few things that have really helped me in my quest for modesty. Do you have any more creative ways to being modest? 
In HIS Grip, 


  1. I don't have any curves (lol!), but still found this list tremendously helpful as a mom of two. Just because it looks like I have nothing to cover, doesn't mean I shouldn't cover it!

    Recently my s-i-l found a camisole type thingie similar to a tube top except it snaps onto your bra straps. I love it! Perfect for summer because the band is only a few inches wide and doesn't add all that bulk.

  2. Jacinda - I have heard great things about those too and my mother-in-law got them but realized they are too small for her and won't work well for size 16 or larger women - they just gap in different places ;0) Thanks for commenting!!

  3. I love my tanks and my shorts under skirts :) May sound gross, but my the shorts help my thighs from rubbing and chafing. I do choose to wear pants also, but try to stay in PANTS and not jeans, which are almost impossible to wear modestly without looking frumpy. I love my skirts the most tho :)


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