Have you ever noticed how many WARNING signs there are on things? They are ALLLLLL OVER!!! They seriously irritate me. Especially the foolish ones. Like this. 

I would REALLY like to know exactly WHY I am supposed to supervise this thing all day. I have enough to do with watching my kids much less their TOYS!!! 

And uh-oh! Emily fell asleep on it the other day! I'm definitely going to jail for THAT one! 
And while my child is being used, I cannot leave her unattended. Ookaaay??? 

You have to question these "Cautions" don't you? Why are they REALLY there? Is it for my child's safety? Well since they are okay with me USING my child - I somewhat doubt it. (Yes, I know that's not what they MEANT! but that is what it SAYS!)  Let's face it - there are a TON of warning signs out there that are not for the benefit of the reader of the warning sign. They are for the benefit of the WRITER! The person or company who put the WARNING sign out there in the first place! Gone are the days of people selflessly putting out a sign so they can avoid the same thing happening to someone else. Now we are cautioned against foolishness so we cannot BLAME someone else. How ridiculous is this? 

We have suddenly become a culture that believes it is okay if not completely ACCEPTABLE to BLAME others for our own foolishness or sin. 

We blame our parents for not raising us properly. 
We blame our government for messing up society. 
We blame our pain on the doctor. 
We blame our medicine for making us crabby and angry.
We blame our lack of sleep for our rotten attitudes. 
We blame GOD for the evil in the world. 
Wait a minute back up here. What are we doing blaming GOD? He is the one who gave us the REAL warnings! 
God gave us God's Word so we would read the warnings that will protect us. The warnings like 
"the wages of sin is death" - Rom 5:8 
God will reward according to your works - Rom 2:6
 the book of Proverbs contains NUMEROUS warnings for fools and children and parents. 
and COUNTLESS others.
We receive warnings every day from man - mail, internet, facebook, our toys, books, shoes, you name it - it most likely has a warning SOMEWHERE! If not attached to it - you can most likely find a warning online! 
So what do we do with the warnings from God? Sometimes we do the same things to His Word! We may not throw it in the trash but we see it and don't read it. We put it aside or store it away or ignore it completely. 
But these warnings are FROM GOD!!! He wants us to read them! They are truly for our GOOD and HIS glory! How many warnings do we see in every day life that are truly for our benefit? How many warnings are there that are truly for God's GLORY? 
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  1. Great post girl! I often find ppl worry about silly things more then their childs spirtual life too..worry over germs constantly, obessively but let them watch whatever on the tv. its twisted and backwards.


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