DIY 0.99 Cent Pack of LOVE!

Hannah and Ann! 
My wonderfully wonderful friend Hannah has been laid up after having surgery and what does she do? She writes a guest post for my blog! I love that girl! Just so you could get a crystal clear picture of what kind of friend Hannah and I are - here we are. Jumping on a bed. In a hotel. It. was. HILARIOUS! So now that we have THAT established! Here is what she did for her sweetheart while all laid up! 

I did something AWESOME today for my hubby - and it only cost me 99 cents! Since my husband travels A LOT and is usually REALLY tired, he chews gum to keep him awake. I noticed when we were driving the other day he chewed his last piece of gum. I decided to do something to show my husband that I love him, and am praying for him when he is away. And of course, to show that you can do something significant for your spouse without spending a lot of money - in this case 99 cents for a pack of gum!
Supplies:  Pack of gum (I used Trident), scissors, an exacto knife or box cutter, markers, card stock, a pen or pencil to trace, and glue or double stick tape.

Step 1:  Take the paper packaging off the foil of the gum. Trace this onto your card stock. Be sure to also trace and cut out the lip that the flap goes into to "close" the gum.

Step 2:  Line up the paper packaging from the gum with your cut out card stock and fold together where the packaging folds. Make sure to crease your card stock.

Step 3:  Decorate your card stock (make sure that you write the correct way! The first time I did this, my words were upside down when I put it on the gum. :)

Step 4:  Glue or tape your card stock onto the foil of the gum package.

Voila! A personalized package of gum! You can also do this for party favors, or a women's event at church. One other thought I had was instead of Trident do Trinity - Cleans and Protects the Heart.

Thanks Hannah for your creativity! AND your very special friendship! I wouldn't know what to do without our occasional insane moments! 
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  1. This is a splendid idea! I think I'm going to make one, stuff it into my hubby's lunch box, and wish I could be a fly on the wall when he finds his surprise!

  2. What a fun idea! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!


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