Valentine's Day Wreath Craft Project

I've been trying to expand my holiday decorations and I saw several ideas but I didn't have any of the materials for them. So I came up with my own idea after seeing how other people were creating theirs! I actually made this with my Mother-in-law in mind because she LOVES to decorate for the different holidays and her birthday is today so I made it and sent it to her yesterday. It probably only took me about an hour and a half to make it - maybe less, I was interrupted a LOT! 

First I cut out a heart shape form using newspaper as a pattern to follow - I drew it on the fold so the two sides of the heart would be the same. I just eyed it - it's probably 12 inches by 15 inches or so. Then I cut it out of a cardboard box and glued them together to make a firm base.

Then I cut strips of pink fabric and hot glued it around the base to make a background for my hearts. I made the nicest looking side the back. 

Then I used the large conversation hearts and went to town just gluing and gluing wherever and however. 

I used a pink ribbon and made a cheater bow. I looped the larger circle inside the small circle then hot-glued them so they would stay.  

Then I hot glued 3 ribbons on the back that held 3 individual hearts to hang down on the inside. I hot glued a hanging ribbon and used a thumbtack to secure it better. I tried a stapler but it wasn't working very well. Then I was done! This would be good for hanging on an outside door that is protected by a screen door or something. I wouldn't recommend letting it get wet. :0) 

I sent this one to my MIL but I'll definitely be making another one for myself. Especially since I bought 3 big bags of hearts and I only used 1! Let me know if you use my idea to make one for yourself! 

UPDATE - As you can see, I hung mine on my front door and the sun faded it TERRIBLY! It is now a very very pastel colored and no longer the bright happy colors. It still looks pretty but you will want to hang this in a place where the sun does not shine! 

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  1. Wow! you are really creative! I am going to have to try this!!!! yay! I am excited! :)

  2. Cute...cute! {looks like it would take much longer to make!} Wow! I actually saw a similar design the other hopping. She actually shellacked hers and hung hers outside...{might be a good idea?! This way it would last longer for years to come?} Thanks for linking up for "Simply Homemaking." :0)


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