God Made Me: To NEST!

It's official, I'm pregnant AND nesting! I just did it again last night. I rearranged the family room for the second time in a week. I like it now, I think it will stay that way! I definitely was designed to nest. Some women don't nest and some don't even notice when they are nesting. I know EXACTLY when I begin nesting. So does my husband, my children, my mom, my church. . .

I CAN'T help it!!!

I have issues when it comes to this area. If you know me at all, I'm a neat freak anyway. Before kids I was pretty obsessed with organization. My roomies in college can totally attest to this. I would shelve my books by genre and then by height. I would only use black ink because blue ink doesn't match the rest of the writing on the page. I wouldn't doodle or let anyone else doodle on my school notes! (Until I started dating my hubbie - then things changed in that direction.) Now. . . I have children. If I had everything the way I'd really want them to be, I wouldn't be a mom - I'd be a slave to my own tendencies. So I've morphed into only a slightly obsessive organizer and cleaner.

But when it comes to nesting during pregnancy. . . LOOK OUT! The first day of nesting. Yes, I know it down to the time I woke up. And my husband was soon to pick up on it too. In fact, an hour after I woke, he knew it. I rearranged furniture in three rooms, reorganized our computer desk, boxed up paperwork by year for the past 2 years, started taxes, filled out the baby book as much as I could, organized and set up our school/craft room, made space for the baby's bed, scrubbed my kitchen literally from floor to ceiling and everything in between, finished all of our laundry, washed rugs and scrubbed all floors that could be scrubbed. That was the first day. The next day my in-laws visited and we had church so I slowed down a little bit until they left that evening. Then I used my brothers after church to move furniture from upstairs to downstairs and downstairs to upstairs. I knew I shouldn't help my husband do it so they saved me. I wanted to arrange what we had moved but my husband refused to let me so we did it the next day. He can sometimes get frustrated with this whole process and I have to say I can't blame him at all!

It's slowed down a little bit since then but I feel it creeping up on me again. I have a to-do list for before the baby comes and even though I have 10 weeks before this little one comes, I'm sure I should probably wash all 3 car seats, the baby swing, the stroller, the baby toys, and since I can't put clean carseats in a dirty van, the van too. It's a VICIOUS cycle I tell you! I clean one thing and BOOM - what's that dirty thing doing there??? For example I realized as I was cleaning and rearranging the family room that the fireplace needs blacked and the books need to be rearranged by genre (the ones my kids can't reach). *Sigh*

All this said. Isn't nesting AMAZING???? I love it! Yes, I'm exhausted after my endeavors but seriously, who doesn't LOVE a fresh, clean, organized home? Sometimes when I sit still and ponder how God created and designed each and every one of us, I am completely blown away by His intricacies. This is one of those times. God made me nest. It's a God-thing, not something I came up with because the rest of pregnancy I struggle with laziness and lack of motivation to do ANYTHING! But then suddenly I have all of the motivation and energy in the world to (ahem) move my piano. by. my. self.

So with a thankful heart and in complete humbleness before God and his amazing ways of designing Ann Stringer, I'm going to go and nestify. Yes, I made up that word.

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  1. Great post! I love making up new words too! ;0) My hubby laughs at what I can come up with. As for nesting...it does intensify for me while I'm pregnant. But it never really goes away for me. ;0/ haha. Saturday afternoon I rearranged my linen closet, rearranged clothes etc...Hubby's reply "do you ever get out of the cleaning mood?" haha. My reply "sometimes." ;0)


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