Prayer Requests Please!

Sorry about the delay in the dollhouse posting - it'll still happen, life just happened first. I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday and we received some potentially difficult news. The first news we somewhat knew about but the nurse who initially told us about it did not seem to think or believe it was a big deal to worry about. Umm. . .she was wrong. When I had my ultrasound there were some echogenic foci (in English, spots) seen on our baby's heart. Now this could mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And really that's what I'm focusing on right now until I know differently. However, after talking to my doctor the lights could mean a potential heart defect or other issue with the baby's heart. Worst case scenario, it would mean heart surgery in-utero. Now if I focus on that possibility the worry becomes intense sooo. . . we're just focusing on what is true Philippians 4:8 "whatever things are true . . . think on these things." We don't know what the spots are and we won't know for about 2 months when I will have another ultrasound. Tough to wait but I'm thankful that God knows and is holding my little one in His hands and not mine.

The second prayer request is another biggie. When I went to my doctor appointment we discovered that I may have pre-eclampsia. I have had pre-eclampsia with Aimee but it was only 3 days before her due date so I was induced and no big deal. Umm - I'm only 22 weeks and being induced right now is pretty much out of the question, obviously. Soooo if the tests (which should come back today) say that I do have the beginnings of pre-eclampsia I will be put on bedrest until the baby is born. Sooo. . . umm yea. We're a little on edge around here and it's pretty obvious that the stress is getting to us. Sam has also been sick with tummy flu the last 24 hours so that's not helping either.

Just so you know, we ARE trusting God in this whole thing and we are not worried about the outcome because we know it's in God's hands. But when faced with this kind of life-changing possibility and all of the changes that could be forced on us, we are definitely having some growing pains. Tears and prayers have been abundant. God is so very very good and He never changes, He's ALWAYS the same. We're praying for strength and peace and the health of our little one and if God desires, the hope that I will not have to go on bedrest right now. We're also praying that the test results will come in TODAY and not Monday because that would be a hard wait. Thanks so much for your prayers along with us!
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  1. Ann,
    I will pray for you. I know that being pregnant is a worrisome time in life, even without complications. Our Abby almost didn't make it when she was born, and really could have had lots of dissabilities as a result of her ordeal (hannah can fill you in sometime). But she is fairly healthy with only a very minor "issue" as result. These times strenthen our faith and grow us spiritually. You will come through the whole thing so much better on the other side of it. Just keep focusing on God and that He only wants what is good for us and He loves that little baby more than you ever could. God bless you all, Renee

  2. Oh, Ann! That is a lot to worry about! It is one thing to say we trust the Lord, it is another thing to do it! I will be praying for you! Relax and Trust. Relax and Trust. Somethimes these tests really do mean nothing. Love ya!


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