If I wasn't before, I'm totally convinced now. Prayer changes things! I was 90% for certain that I would be confined to my bed for the next four months but God had different plans! And oh how relieved I am! I received my test results and I was waiting - not very patiently I might add. So when the nurse called to tell me the news that my tests were NORMAL!!!! I. WAS. SHOCKED. SPEECHLESS!! On Wednesday my protein had measured at 3+ if you know what that means then you know it's fairly high. So my doctor was somewhat sure I would be going on bedrest with pre-eclampsia and we would be fighting to keep me and the baby healthy the whole way through. WELL! If it wasn't a miracle, I don't know what it could have been! I'm so excited and BLESSED!!! As I said in my previous post, God is good no matter the outcome of the test. He has merely chosen to say YES to the prayers that were prayed on my behalf. So if you were one of the many who prayed, thank you sooo very much for that! And if you would, please continue to pray about the spots seen on our little one's heart. Still a concern but once again - totally in God's hands. Now, I'm going to go and BAKE COOKIES!!! Something I wasn't sure I'd be able to do not more than an hour ago! WAH HOO!!

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