DIY Dollhouse! Day 2

After a LOOONG day yesterday working on this thing I couldn't be happier of the outcome! It's perfect! 

I used scrapbooking paper as wallpaper on the walls. I started using glue but it was too messy and was not working as well as I thought it would with the paper so I pulled out double sided tape which was AWESOME! Much easier than the glue and it stayed in place once I stuck it there! Perfect! 

I must say tho, have you ever put up wallpaper? I have. It was NOT FUN! This is the same just on a smaller scale - NOT FUN! But the end result is WAY FUN!

I used carpet scraps that we had left over from a bedroom that was perfect because it doesn't have the foam backing and is very thin so it works perfectly for dollhouse carpeting! 

For the kitchen, bathroom and the two upstairs rooms, I used leftover linoleum and vinyl tile also leftover from other projects. Both worked really well - the vinyl tile especially since it was self-sticking! YAY! It looks FANTASTIC!!! 

I'm excited about this dollhouse because my little girl is GOING. TO. FALL. IN. LOVE. with her "dollyhouse." But I'm also loving it because after she's tired of playing dolls, she can still use it as a bookcase! One of the reasons why we did not cut door holes or window holes. That and we are not builders! Ha ha! 

I'm not entirely sure which part is my next step - I have to make some furniture - I have some but not everything I want her to have. I still have to make windows but I'm dreading that project because it's going to be slightly tedious! ANNNDDD I still have to make the girly factor! That's a surprise! If I explained it here, you wouldn't understand until you see it so I'll just keep it secret til I can SHOW you! We'll see how it goes, right now I have two children with the tummy flu and a doctor appointment for me today so stay-tuned for Day 3 of the Dollhouse! 

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  1. What a great idea! I think I may start a little stockpile of the house type things for a few years down the road. :) Oh! And I tried your homeade foamy soap idea/tip and it works wonderful. I'm not so paranoid when the toddler grabs for soap bottle now. :)


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