Organize Your Year: Bill Paying

I hate late fees when paying bills. B.C (Before Children) I had NEVER, EVER received a late fee. It was UNTHINKABLE. Even after having one child it was unthinkable. After two children, I'll admit it happened but rarely. With three children. It's happening and often. Sigh. There is my confession to you. I'm not going to confess how much we spent last year in late fees but let me just say, it was WAY out of my comfort zone! 

When I get the mail it has become habit to immediately sort out the mail. If I don't have time to sort out the mail, I don't GET the mail. It stays in the mailbox. I open all bills, letters, statements and I throw away the opened envelopes and anything else I will not need. I file away the bill portions that I need to keep and I place the bills that need to be paid in this by the back door. This organizer has been a LIFE saver. As you can see, cell phones, cash and keys all rest here so we can grab them on our way out the door! 

That worked perfectly for years, no problem! When it was time to pay the bills, I just wrote them out and sent them. Ahem. Once again that was B.C. Or at least Before THREE Children. I'm still doing that part like clockwork because I formed a habit with it. But those bills were slipping and I was forgetting to get them actually INTO the mailbox or for us, the Post Office. Too many other things (a.k.a. PEOPLE!) to get out the door too! 

So here is my solution! When the bills come into the house and I am sorting through and throwing away the trash, I now will make time to write out and pay for the bills RIGHT AWAY. I just won't send them. right away. Let me elaborate. I'll write out the checks and only pay by checks, no more paying by phone unless I do that right away as I'm opening up the bill. When I'm putting the bill and payment into the envelope, I turn the envelope upside down and write the due date and the amount in small letters. 

By doing this, I can see at a glance when the bill is due and whether or not I have the money in the bank to cover it. So as I'm heading out the door, I scan the dates and grab the ones I need to mail and cross off the amounts. Done! No more late fees! I hope!

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  1. So yesterday you organized my monthly card mailing and today you are offering a simple {terrific} idea for getting the bills paid timely! My husband is gonna love even more now! Thank you!

  2. lol Kasey! I didn't do ANYTHING! You're the one who has to put the effort into it! Hope it works well for BOTH of us this year. :0)

  3. Love the shelf idea! We do things fairly similar with our bills, only we use a basket with folders. {I like how you can "see" your bills before you mail them.} With a basket, it doesn't allow for that. {My bills get penned into my wall calendar. {Mainly because I look at it daily.}Hope your able to keep it going! Being organized makes life run so much smoother. Happy organizing! :0)

    Much Love & Blessings,

  4. Thanks for your confession. I can totally relate even though I hate to admit it too. Good idea. Gonna look around and visit some other posts while I am here. Visiting from WLW.

  5. It makes life work so much better to be able to look at those that are due right in front of you. If I put things in a file in a drawer, it is liable to get lost. You just gave me a thought...thanks a bunch!!


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