Organize Your Year: House Cleaning

Ahhh cleaning schedule how I love you and yet do not spend time FOLLOWING you. So how much do I love you? Hmmm. . .

Well if I start thinking that way then I start thinking how much do I love Christ and yet how much time do I spend FOLLOWING Him? Hmmm....

Something to think about anyway! But back to cleaning schedules. I worked really hard on my cleaning schedule and I LOVE it! It's AWESOME! And it works great for me. When I follow it that is! I'm going to walk you through the steps that I did when coming up with my cleaning schedule.

  1. Make a list of the chores you need to do DAILY. Mine includes: 
    • Devotions
    • Dishes
    • General Pickup
    • Clean My Room
    • Trash
  2. Make a list of the chores you need to do WEEKLY. Mine includes: 
    • Laundry (Twice a week!) 
    • Clean Bathroom
    • Help Kids Clean their Rooms
    • Kids Bathroom
    • Baking
    • Menu Plan
  3. Make a list of the chores you need to do MONTHLY. Mine includes:
    • Pay Bills (Twice)
    • Microwave (Twice)
    • Wash Bedding (Twice)
    • Dusting/Cobwebs
    • Mirrors/Doors
    • Wash Toys
    • Clean Vehicles
    • Wash Rugs
    • Wash Baby Stuff (Bouncy Seat, etc.) 
    • Mop Floors
    • Clean Oven
    • Clean Fridge
    • Clean Schoolroom
    • Clean Basement
  4. Make a list of the chores you need to do every FOUR MONTHS. Mine includes: 
    • Wash Furniture (Couches, Recliners, anything upholstered, kitchen chairs, etc.)
    • Wash Windows
    • Wash Curtains
    • Clean Garage
    • Organize Chest Freezer
    • Major Yardwork
    • Clean Gutters
  5. Make a list of the chores you need to do ANNUALLY. Mine includes: 
    • Check Smoke Detector
    • Check Carbon Monoxide Detector
  6. Grab a piece of paper and plan out a 4-week schedule. Fill in your daily chores first then your weekly and monthly. Leave the four month list and annual list for later. For my week Monday Tuesday and Wednesday are the days that are really heavy in doing my housework because Thursday is our day off as a family and Friday and Saturday are spent doing more things for ministry. So just plan it all out as your schedule works. If Mondays are really difficult you may not want to plan ANY housework for that day to smooth it all out and MAKE IT WORK for YOUR family. If you are not a heavy computer user you can stop here and just print this out and a list of your four month jobs and annual chores and post them on your refrigerator or inside your kitchen cupboard. Wherever you will see it! 

If you are a heavy computer user - GOOGLE CALENDAR it! I LOVE Google calendar and I love using Google Chrome web browser. Seriously, if you use Blogger and you don't use Google Chrome, you are in for a life change. You will need a Google account to use these things but it is soooo worth it to streamline everything you do. (Once you start in Google Chrome go to the little wrench up in the right hand corner and go to tools then extensions! Trust me you will LOVE! My faves are Facebook Notifications, RSS Subscriber, Feed Reader, Picnik, Gmail Checker, and Google Calendar. Just a little side note there!) If you use Google Calendar you can use apps like Jorte for Android that sync with Google Calendar. 
Another way you could use this way of making a list is to make a checklist that you can put somewhere obvious and laminate it. This is my new method that I am going to be trying out this year. I'm hoping that because it is right on my refrigerator - I have a daily and a weekly cleaning schedule that I laminated and I use a dry erase marker to check things off as I do them. So I will never miss a chore again! yea, right! 

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  1. I am really enjoying all your organizational posts. I need to start bookmarking them! :)


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