Housekeeping Made Easier: Snack Food

In my search to make hard (or hard to me) housekeeping chores easier, I have been trying different ways of attempting this. Here are the things that are hard for me to stay caught up that I'm sure there are easier or even better ways of doing them - I'm just seeing what works best for me!

1. My children's Toys - wow this one is harder than I thought! I've already tried a couple of ideas and we're still working the kinks out!
2. Making Meals.
3. HEALTHY children's snacks (unhealthy is not the problem!) 
5. Putting AWAY Laundry 
6. Homeschooling on a daily/regular/consistent basis

I figured out another one! Yay! My kids healthy snacks are now good to go! 

My Problem: 
The kids wanted fruit snacks and candy and blech. It was there and it was accessible and handy for me to grab to help them be quiet while the "need" for food arose. Then I realized that my kids incessant NEED for snacks were all relative to the fact that they were getting sugar which only makes your blody crave MORE sugar and hence the desire for more snacks. It's a vicious cycle that kept repeating itself until they got a good healthy meal to fill them up. 

My Solution: 
I got RID of the fruit snacks, the candy, the blech. If it wasn't there, they couldn't eat it or see it to want it. I just told my kids that we didn't have any but here was what I DID have! Introducing. . . THE FRUIT BOWL! 
Did you know that if you separate the bananas - they last longer? It's true!  Try it! 

and the FRUIT DRAWER (in the fridge)


Now every time I go shopping instead of throwing all of the produce directly into the fridge, I cut it up, wash it, prepare it and package it in baggies so whoever wants some, can grab it WHENEVER THEY WANT. And I told them that! If they want to eat a whole bag of grapes or 3 bananas or 3 cups of pineapple instead of their dinner - go for it. Why not? It's WAY better than grabbing the sugar! 

I have probably an unconventional way of letting my children eat. It's called let them eat when they are hungry and never MAKE them clear their plates. I always have them eat one bite of their veggies (which they normally don't like to eat!) but after that, no worries. I have MANY reasons for this way of doing it which I'll probably share in a future post! 

It's working well so far and once they realized that fruit snacks were no longer around, they were much easier to satisfy with fruit as snacks and no more fruit snacks! :0) 

In HIS Grip, 


  1. Genius! Let me know when you come up with solutions to the other ones :)

  2. Great suggestion. I think this will work for my husband too ;)

  3. gracious...i need to do this for ME. :o) my hubby doesn't touch most veggies, so I really have to remind myself to make sure me and my son get enough. good idea about preparing all the produce right when you get home, and i had NO idea about separated bananas lasting longer! i really need to try that!


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