Why We Homeschool Right Now

I was homeschooled my entire life and my husband went to public and Christian schools growing up. We could have gone either way. We could have made the decision to send our kids to school or homeschool. To be honest, when I was growing up I had made up my mind that I would NEVER homeschool my kids and I would NEVER be a stay-at-home mom. HA HA HA! God has a way of changing your mind and laughing at the words "NEVER" and "WON'T." 

So here we are - I'm a stay-at-home mom and now a homeschooling one at that! But my husband and I came to the decision to homeschool fairly easily. For one thing, I was willing to do it and for another, we were heading into ministry and that can often mean a lot of moving. But those really weren't the REAL reason for choosing this option. 

We chose to homeschool because we feel that is what God led us to do. That's it. I could go on and on about the pros and cons of homeschool or public school or private school. But the truth of the matter is, I believe that God sets us up for a certain path and if we choose to follow God's ways and not our own, He will be glorified in His choice. The issue isn't homeschool versus sending your kids to school, the issue is following God's choice for you. For us, God made it pretty clear we should homeschool. 

It's incredible how God has given me a desire to teach my own kids. From the time that I taught Aimee how to write her first "A" for Aimee, I have gotten a thrill from teaching my kids and watching the light turn on in their eyes when understanding happens. It's fantastic and I wouldn't want it any other way. At least for now, unless God changes the direction of our path! 
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  1. I am currently seeking God on this same decision. My son will only be three this October but I've decided to sort of test the waters this year with some preschool kind of stuff and to just pray pray pray about the decision. My husband and I are both in ministry and our church has a phenomenal children's program and since I have a teaching degree I worry a lot about sending my children to public schools. I love reading about how God has led some mothers to do this.

  2. Alli - I am sending up a prayer for you! It wasn't that long ago that I was in your shoes and it was such a confusing and uncertain time in my mind. Rest in the fact that God will let you know what He wants for your family beyond a shadow of a doubt in His time! :0)

  3. How funny, I was also homeschooled and I also said I would NEVER homeschool! Well, my kids, 8, 6 and 3 have never been to school, I'm on my 4th year of homeschooling.

  4. I was public schooled. I also said I would NEVER homeschool my kids. I thought homeschoolers were weird. Now I am the weirdo! Cora will soon be starting 2nd grade at home.

  5. love this! thanks for sharing ;) hope your school year is off to a great start!

  6. First of all, wow..your page looks beautiful! Love the transformation!! :} :}

    Thank you for sharing this, I am with you 100%! I went to public school and never even thought to ask God if we should homeschool our children..He had to yell at me to hear Him. But that was 3 years ago..now I hope to think he can just whisper ;} lol I homeschool my 3 wonderful children bc God led us too..my children are only loaned from above and I really want to do what is pleasing to Him~ The amazing part is that He always knows what is BEST! I simply LOVE homeschooling..next to being a wife and mother its my favorite part of His calling for me! :}

  7. Jamie and Kari - Isn't it amazing how God can change our hearts and sometimes we don't even see it happening? I love to look back and see how God has worked to change and mold me!

    Sarah beth - I'd love to think God could just whisper to me too! Unfortunately I think when He yells - all we hear is a whisper and we don't take it seriously! :0)


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