Life in Our Fishbowl: Conversation Life

Our family took a breather yesterday. Or should I say, TRIED to take a breather. I'm truly realizing how difficult it is for a pastor's family to leave work behind! Now, if you're a pastor's wife of several years you're probably chuckling to yourself that I'm figuring this out but that's okay because it probably hit you somewhere along the lines too! 

Memorial Day was something that we had been looking forward to because we were planning on going to the Camp Manitoumi Annual picnic. I had never been there for it but I knew that we could enjoy the day as a family and do some fun things together. Or not. 

It really was a fun day and I'm thankful for the day! But my hubbie and I discovered at the end of the day that we had both (separately) spent the majority of our day and our conversations picking the brains of fellow pastor's families! In other words, it was just another day in the life of a Pastor's family! 

Sometimes I truly feel consumed by our ministry lives. Sometimes I finish a long conversation with my husband and go to bed and realize that once again, we spent the entire evening talking about ministry! My pastor dad once said that it takes about a week before he can relax and leave work behind to truly enjoy a vacation away from ministry. But then the vacation is over!  

But you know, I'm not begrudging this change. It IS a change and sometimes its hard to clear our heads enough to find things other than church to talk about! Last night I told my hubbie "Okay! We're done talking about church stuff for a while!" After talking about how fast Emily is growing and how important it is to make sure we make time for family time in our week, we drifted into silence. Then we started talking about ministry again until we went to sleep! Ha ha! It's actually pretty funny when I think about it! 

Ministry has become a HUGE part of our lives as a family. It affects every part! God has called us to this and we're thankful that He chose to use us to serve Him. Even if it's a little more involved than we initially thought! So if you're NOT part of a pastor's family pray for your pastor and their family! They are probably at home praying and caring for you!
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  1. You really gave me some insight! I will be praying for you and our pastor's family too!

  2. AMEN!! :)
    P.S. I hijacked your fish bowl pic. lol.


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