Ewww!! Carsickness Kit!

It happened again yesterday! I tend to forget since my kids are so young that heat/car rides/my children are not a good mix. I learned this the hard way last summer on our trip to Texas. Yes, Texas. Quite the trip for kiddos who get car sick. And for a poor rookie mom who had NEVER had to deal with this before! I ended up shucking out over $30 at a Dollar General for a trash can, an extra outfit, a roll of paper towels and a bath towel. If I had only known. So here I am posting a post for some other unknowing mom who has this same trouble! You can be prepared for those poor upset tummies! And for the rest of the people riding along!


1 Ice Cream Bucket WITH LID!!!
You will need this for something handy to grab so they can get sick into it - the lid is so you can put the lid on it until you find an appropriate place to dump it.

Package of Baby Wipes
I use baby wipes because you'll be cleaning the child and whatever else got messy

Extra Outfit
This needs to work for all of your potential sickies. I grabbed a white T-shirt and cotton shorts that are gender neutral and will fit one child and be baggy on the smaller child. That's better than no clothes!

Plastic grocery bags
You will need one to carry all of these things in the bucket (you don't know how quickly you will need a bucket!) and a couple more to tie messy clothes and dirty wipes.

Small can of disinfectant spray
For obvious reasons especially since you're only using baby wipes - I found mine at the Dollar Store.

Hard candy - suckers are best!
This is much better than giving your child water (in my mind it's more ammunition!) to clear their mouth of that ucky taste!

Thin hand towel
I use a white (bleachable) thin hand towel for either a HUGE mess or for putting it on top of the chair that may have gotten messed up and they just have to buckle into it again!

Put a bag in the bucket and stash all of your stuff inside. Loosely tie it up so you can grab it all out at once for when you need the bucket! Store it in your car whenever there is potential for carsickness! Even if your kids DON'T have problems with this, grab it for vacations - you never know when you might pick up a bug or (gasp!) food poisoning!
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  1. Love this I have a child who gets sick often Thanks

  2. Be advised (I speak from experience): if you live in a cold-winter climate (such as IA or IL), the wipes WILL freeze together if left in the car over the winter. No joke. I had that happen to me once... driving down the road, the kid pukes in your car, and you can't help because your baby wipes are frozen together! SOOOO disappointing (not to mention frustrating) when that happens!


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