Few of My Faves: Designing Kids Birthday Parties - Link Up Party!

So I know I've been a little forgetful about my favorite lists but here is another one that is very fitting with this week for me! My daughter turned four years old and we had a family birthday party as always. I've had a lot of fun planning my kids birthday parties and I always try to make money go towards the presents and not the decorations or the cake. So I make my own! Make sure to check out my cake page for some easy DIY cake ideas! But here are some birthday parties I have done and a Few of My Fave ways to save for their parties!

1. Themed after a favorite movie - we did a fun Wizard of Oz party and everything was rainbow themed - especially the food. We had rainbow colored jello cups (complete with clouds!) and we used Koolaid ice cubes that were put in 7-up (Yum!) Other fun movie themed parties could be Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory or maybe Swiss Family Robinson. 

2. Themed from a book - I took a favorite kids book - The Hungry Caterpillar and used cupcakes to make the caterpillar and then we ate the food that was in the book! Great fun! Just look very carefully at the book and use the colors or the designs for your decorations! 

3. Themed from a favorite character - this is one of my least favorite ways to do it because I don't get as much of an opportunity to be creative but it usually means picking up the stuff from the store and making a cake. For Aimee's party this year we had a Tinkerbell party and the cake was pretty fun to make. Other characters that would be fun are Clifford, Winnie-the-Pooh, or Monsters Inc.
4. Themed after a favorite animal - for example a butterfly theme! Honestly I chose this one because I thought the plates at the Dollar Tree with butterflies were adorable and BOOM - I had my party! Other animal ideas could be wild jungle animals, farm animals - one party I saw was all cows and they decorated everything with cow spots!

 5. Themed after a favorite toy - One year we had a Tonka party! We decorated everything in yellow and I used yellow and red balloons and with an ink pad I "drove" one of my sons cars on the yellow tablecloth for tire tracks. Then we ate Dirt Dessert instead of cake! Fun toy themes could be Jack-in-the-boxes, Music boxes, or Little People.

6. Themed after a favorite board game. I haven't done this idea yet but I would LOVE to do a Candy Land theme or Hungry Hippos or Memory. How fun! I've been waiting to do this until my kids are old enough to have friends over to play the games with them. 

7. Favorite color themed party - I did a princess/pink party for my daughter that was really fun! Just pick a color and make everything that color! Pretty easy! 

So there are a "Few of My Faves" for this week! Link up your own list of faves whatever they may be! Just make sure you include the Few of My Faves image and link back to my page! Thanks! 

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! We too don't go all out on the party decor either. The cake is normally the highlight of our birthdays. You said you'd love to do a candy land party...I did one for Lydia's 5th birthday. It was fun and EASY to do.

    Great post, and I really must try to visit more! I'm behind on some reads!

    Much Love & Blessings,
    Our Simple Country Life

  2. Wow you are very creative! I love it! thanks for sharing! I do not like to spend alot of $$ either for parties.. I will be sure to link up Friday~ ;}


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