Introducing: Few of My Faves!!!

Alrighty! I'm pretty excited about this! I'm starting a new blog series called "Few of My Faves" and every week I'm going to post a list of some favorites that I have. I've started several lists of my favorites and I'm pretty excited with what I have to share! My first Fave list will be posted tomorrow and to be honest, I haven't decided WHICH LIST I WILL CHOOSE! I'm too excited about all of my lists!

Here's a little sample of what might be coming!

Fave Cleaning Products
Fave Books for Vegging
Fave Websites
Fave Food - duh!
Fave Places I Go and . . . the list goes on! I can't give away ALL of my surprises! But each day I post my faves, I will let you link up with a list of your faves too!You can do the same type of faves or go with your own list. How fun is that? Oh, and feel free to use and copy my picture and link up to my blog at the same time! Stay tuned for the first list of faves tomorrow!
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