Few of My Faves: Websites I Frequent

Here is the very first of the "Few of My Faves" series! I think everyone has their favorite websites that they visit ALL the time. Well here are mine!

1. My Blog - hee hee there's a no-brainer!

2. Facebook - It's true, I'm addicted! But seriously, I love how I can communicate with friends from the comfort of my normal day-to-day life.

3. My email is my to-do list. If you want something done by me, email me! I only delete an email when I'm finished with it and I strive for an EMPTY inbox everyday!

4. My Bible Plans This site is not one I GO to every day but it comes to me! As you just read, my email is my to-do list and this site sends me my Bible reading via email form every day. As far as I could find, it's the only one that sends out the ESV of the Bible which is my favorite. It's also customizable to what you want to read. Love it!

5. Amazon Anytime I want to purchase something or I have a book or game or something else I want to sell I go here. It will give me all of the facts, details, and reviews I want!

6. Retail Me Not Anytime I purchase ANYTHING online I go here to see if there is a coupon or promo code that will work with my item! Trust me, this has saved me BIG BUCKS!

7. Pandora And if you haven't been here today is the day! I love how I can customize music to MY tastes and don't have to worry about my hubbies' tastes being the dominant flavor! :0)

8. All Recipes My go-to site for all of my baking and cooking needs!

9. Picnik Where I go to edit a picture just the way I want it! Makes me feel more creative than I am!

10. Opinion Outpost This site pays me to fill out their surveys for them. I've made $16.00 in the past two months and money is money!

11. Alice This site is a great shopping site - I can do all of the price comparisons I want to do on toilet paper, toothpaste, cleaning products, etc. and they mail it to you for free within 2 days!

Now go for it and link up to your list of Faves! You can use my idea of Fave websites or come up with your own list of Faves!
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  1. What a great idea! How long is your linky open? I'll have to type up a post, this weekend, if it's still available! {Sorry, I missed this!} I'm trying to catch up! Great posts! :0)
    P.S. I LOVE allrecipes as well! Great site! {Don't know why, but I've been having difficulty commenting? It keeps locking up. If you have double comments, I'm sorry!


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