Do you have kids in Sunday School? Have you thought to thank those special teachers? As you are going to church this morning ask God how you can be a blessing to your kids' Sunday School teachers or maybe even your own! You may be surprised with how God wants to use you!


There's a time and a place that's special each week,
Where we're eager to learn of the Word that we seek.

The lessons are studied and scripture is read
But let us go back a few days, instead.

Your week is so busy and filled with "to do's"
Like everyone else not a minute to lose.

Your family, your business, work never ending
Your precious few moments you're ever still lending.

But you make the time to prepare for Sunday
When you know someone will listen to the words that you say.

So with God's special guidance, with prayer and with time
You prepare for each Sunday, the Word we can find.

Thank you for giving us an hour each week
Knowing it is the Word of the Lord that we seek.

And today we are blessed and grow more each day
Because you dedicate your love to the Lord in this way.

We wouldn't have Sunday School if it weren't for you.
So today we say thank you for all that you do.

by Dania Hann-Lachapelle

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