Five Magical Years!

My wonderful hubby just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic! We decided to go to Toledo, Iowa! Woo hoo! Okay, honestly, there is not much there just another small Iowan town. Nothing wrong with those! I've lived in a few of them and cannot complain! But in Toledo, IA we stayed at Designer Inn and Suites. When we drove up to the place it was slightly disappointing because it looks like a place that we would stay just simply for somewhere to sleep not exactly a romantic anniversary getaway but then we got to our room and opened the door and . . .

we were in a RAINFOREST!!! Yes this is a round bed - which I have to say was AWESOME! Loved it! and sooo want one now! I don't know if you can see it but above the bed on the back there are tiki torches and 4 light switches. Each one is for lights that light up the foliage along the floor, the tiki torches and the STARS above the bed, lights in the ceiling which enable you to see everything, and ambiance sounds! LOVE IT!!! Anyone ever seen the movie "Pillow Talk?" Yup totally!

Here's a little better pic of the switches and the tiki torches and the painted mural on the wall - which was through the whole room.

Here's my hottie hubbie!

Yup whirlpool tub in a cave with mirrors and a misting waterfall in the corner - SWEET!! I was excited that it was a whirlpool tub and not a jacuzzi since I'm pregnant I could still use it!

This was Sam's FAVORITE part. The 16 point - steam shower. He woke up early at 6 and used it for AN HOUR before I woke up! Crazy man! But I'm glad he enjoyed it! As much water as it uses I'm pretty sure we would have to take out a loan to pay for having one! :0)

And of course what would a hotel room be without a TV? We had a special time with this TV tho because we watched our wedding videos for the FIRST time!!! Yes, I know you are probably wondering why we had not watched it before but to be honest, we did not have them! After asking around for one of them and having a friend of a friend put them on DVD's for us we were set for our 5th anniversary. Watching those videos and seeing the beginning of our married life together was VERY special and quite the kick-off to another five years (and another and another. . .)  of loving this special man that God has blessed me with!
I love you Sam Stringer! I am so very proud and content and blessed to be your wife! xoxo!
By the way, I have a $10 off coupon to give to someone who wants to book a night in a fantasy suite at the Designer Inn and Suites.  Or go to the link and check out their other rooms! All of them look really amazing!Be the first one to contact me with your confirmation code and address and I will put it in the mail for you asap! Guarantee it will be completely fantastic for you too!

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