Few of My Faves: Cleaning Products and Tools

 We all have our own ways of doing things when it comes to cleaning things and we all have our favorite stuff that we pull out that we're either comfortable using or have always used. My ways of cleaning usually stem around the whole concept of cleaning should be free and not really cost me anything. I'm all about using one thing for several purposes. Unless I really find it COMPLETELY worth it, you won't find a tool in my house that only has one purpose. For example I don't really see the point in having wooden toaster tongs or turkey lifters or who knows what all out there. I like things that function on MANY levels and can be used for many different things. Soooo with that said, here are some things that are my FAVES for my cleaning world!

1. Homemade Laundry Soap This stuff is awesome! If you haven't tried it out, you need to! This works great as a soaking agent too, no scrubbing required!

2. Shout Laundry Spray - I only use this when I have babies - I HATE cleaning out poopy messes from clothes and all I have to do with this is spray it on and throw it in the hamper and it'll wait til laundry day and come out washed as good as new!

3. Magic Erasers - These are truly magic! I can't imagine cleaning up crayon marked walls or scuff marks or "that mark that just won't come off" without them! They are great! Oh and I've tried the off brand and they don't come close!

4. Shark Steam Mop - My hubbie bought this for me and I LOVE it! All you do is add water, plug it in, wait a minute and boom clean floors! Okay, you DO have to push it around on your floors and if you have a little crusted on spot, you do have to let it sit on top of it and let it steam for a minute but other than that - truly it is BOOM = clean floor! I would totally be fine eating off my floor after using this! 
5. Windex - I've tried everything, the store brand, making my own and I still buy this stuff because it is my go to product for mirrors, glass and colored stains like Jello, Kool-aid, that yellow no one knows what it is stuff. I use this on my counters and table all the time because its a great soaker too. Oh and if you have a Koolaid stain in your carpet and you've tried everything? Windex all the way! 

6. Green Works Waterlily Dish Soap - All you have to do with this stuff is SMELL it!!! It's AMAZING! Who knew washing dishes could smell so yummy! It's like aromotherapy! Ok, not quite, but I truly will never buy another kind of dish soap. 

7. Homemade Foaming Soap - My favorite scent right now is Butterfly Flower from Bath and Body Works and I save tons of money by buying the regular soap and making my own. Yummy! 

8. Vinegar - If you've never done an online search for the different ways you can use vinegar - do it now. I use it for EVERYTHING! 

9. Baking Soda - Just like vinegar, this stuff is awesome by itself for cleaning or deodorizing stuff. 

10. Vinegar and Baking Soda - When you combine these two things, it becomes a totally different cleaning product! My favorite is to dump maybe a half cup of baking soda in the toilet and then add vinegar and watch your toilet fizz - it's fun really! Still have to scrub it and I use bleach to disinfect it (NEVER at the same time as the vinegar tho!) but it works great! Another way I use it is to do the same thing for my garbage disposal - works like a charm on the plumbing too! AND it's the only toilet bowl cleaner that if the kids eat, no big deal! :0) 

So go ahead and link up with a list of your own Faves! They don't have to be cleaning products, come up with your own topical list! Feel free to link up and use the picture for your post! Can't wait to see them! 
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  1. We make homemade laundry soap too, it works GREAT! Also my all purpose cleaner is baking soda and vinegar..love the scent and zero chemicals!! I am going to have to give the shark mop a try! thanks :~)


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