Saving Money With Lint!

My dad sent me an email last night with a TON of household tips and tricks and recommended them for my blog. I thought it was really sweet of him and kindof put off reading it until my hubbie asked me did you read that email from your dad? About the lint trap? I had not so Sam told me and I went to read it and I knew we had to try it! Apparently dryer sheets and fabric softener can cause a buildup or film on your dryer lint trap and can actually cause your dryer's heating unit to go out not to mention use more electricity to dry your clothes. So I tried out this test! 

I pulled my lint trap out and ran it under water in the sink - water ran thru it and a little bit pooled on top of the mesh like this 

So using my hand, I just scrubbed some soap on it and cleaned it really well, I wasn't expecting amazing results but when I ran it under water to wash the soap off of it, it went right thru the mesh like it wasn't even there! Apparently there was a buildup and I'll probably start cleaning this every six months or so because doing that can extend the life of your dryer. I Snopes searched it if you want to see everything it said. 

Since we're on the topic of lint and dryers and all that I thought I would show you this thingy ma bob. Sorry, I have NO idea what it's called but I LOVE it! My dad also installed this when he remodeled our basement and it's great! 

It's attached to our dryer hose and when I want to use my dryer I flip the little lever on the side and all of the warm air that usually floods outside comes inside! It's also a great humidifier and if it gets too hot or humid I just flip the switch back and it all goes back outside. Our basement runs cold so this works perfectly! No sense in heating the great outdoors is there? 

We used to buy fire starters for our fireplace and they can be pretty expensive. Now we save paper towel and toilet paper tubes and stuff our lint in them when we clean out the lint trap. We don't light our fireplace very often so this works great! They light quickly but don't burn too fast either. Yay! All about saving money! Although I never thought I would be one of those people to SAVE my lint! Hee hee! Who knew? 

There were lots of tips and tricks on the email but you know me, I'll have to try them out to see if they work first! :0) Oh and by the way - be thinking of your Fave things! Tomorrow it'll be time for another list of Fave things! 
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  1. Great tips! {We wash ours out every couple months} I think certain towels tend to leave a yucky residue too. LOVE the fire starter idea! We throw our dryer lint out in our garden! It makes great compost. I've heard of people making clay with their dryer lint! Crazy...but so fun and so frugal! {What's your plan for tomorrow's favorites? This way I can type up ahead of time.}


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