It's COMING!!! Valentine's Day!

Yup, I'm already thinking about it. You see, Valentine's Day is always really special to us. Sam is my true love. God created him for me. God created me for him. It's so very obvious to us that we CANNOT and WILL not allow Valentine's Day to go by without celebrating that. We never do the typical, we go for more from the heart "I Love You." And usually it's not the amount of money that you spend that you will remember it's the good memories surrounding the gift and the going out to eat. Every year, it takes me FOREVER to figure out what I'm going to do for my hubbie. So because I've had such trouble figuring out what to do, I thought I would share what I have done on Valentine's Days past, and maybe help you out! And if you have anything YOU'VE done! PUH-LEASE post it in my comments and help me out! :0) 

I'll never forget our first Valentine's Day. My hubbie came home from work to a path of fake rose petals leading him through our little apartment and leading him to little gifts and notes along the way, by the time he got to me (of course I was at the end!) he had completely forgotten the cares of the day and was ready for a fun and blessed time with his wife. 

Our second Valentine's Day my husband came home to a house full of balloons! Inside each balloon was a little slip of paper with one thing that I loved about my husband. So he popped them and we read them together. And I got him a gift - Nacho Libre. With a note on it that explained that even though I DESPISE that movie and he loves it, that I loved him enough that I would not only give it to him but I would watch it with him. Sacrifice let me tell you! :0) 

Our third Valentine's Day in 2008 I took a TON of post-it notes and wrote a ton of things like "You and me go together like peanut butter and jelly" and stuck it to the peanut butter. Or I put a note in the oven that said "You're HOT!" or on the toothpaste that said "I can't get over your smile." But my favorite one was "I love how you always put the seat down!" and I stuck it to the inside of the toilet seat. I tried to find the most random spots to stick them and then come up with a little something that I liked about him. I put one in his Bible, on his hot sauce, in MY bag of chocolates because he snitched my chocolate! :0) There were SOOO many notes, he was still finding them 3 days later and laughing. 

2009 Valentine's Day I went to his office and surprised him before his lunch hour and brought him balloons and a gift basket then we went out for lunch together. So that time I beat him to expecting something right after work! 

Last Valentine's Day I created coupons for my hubbie. Coupons that he could use AS MANY TIMES AS HE WISHED. They never expired and were ALWAYS redeemable. My intention for that was that he would know that if he ever needed something from me that I would do it for him. You know, be the really good loving wife. Yea, well it kinda backfired a little bit. One of the coupons was for a back rub. He TOTALLY ABUSED that coupon because that is his ALL-TIME favorite thing I do for him. My arms can only rub for so long! I ended up hiding it from him so he wouldn't be reminded! hee hee - now I'm probably in trouble because he'll read this and it will all come back to him! But seriously, most of the coupons worked really well. Things like a kiss, a hug, some listening time, a date night, cooking his favorite food, all things that I love to do for him and if I simply know when he's wanting something, I can do it! 

As you can see, these things take a little creativity and some careful planning ahead of time. And I'm really NOT all that creative, it takes TIME for me to come up with those ideas! And doing an internet search to help give me ideas works too. To be honest, I'm not really sure WHAT to do this year. But even if I did, I wouldn't tell you! Not yet anyway! So now is the time to start thinking about it! After all Valentine's Day is only 27 days away. Yikes! 

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  1. Those are really cute ideas! I love the lil notes, how cute. I cant even remember what I do for my hubby each year, alot of them have been cooking up his favorite dish, baking something sweet. One year I gave him a tin of all sorts of different cookies, some cookies with frosting, brownies, soft chocolate chip~his favorite! I always give a heart felt v-day we got dressed up and went out for a nice dinner.

  2. Love them! Thanks for sharing!


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