DIY Dollhouse! Day 1

I am SUPER excited about this project I just have to post about it! My Aimee-girl is a total girlie girl who loves princesses, pink and babies (otherwise known as Barbies and other dolls). Sam and I really really wanted to get her a dollhouse but as you know, 2 years without a steady income does not allow for the $200 needed to buy a dollhouse like we wanted to get for her. SOOOOOO . . .


Just so you know, we are NOT builder people. We do not even OWN a saw. We do not OWN a sander. Our power drill that we DO own is one that does not hold a charge so we plug in the charger for 3 hours, use it for 10 minutes and then put it back in the charger. hee hee. As I said, we do NOT build things. So we're not building things. We are improvising! But we DID use our drill! And my hubbie did very well with it too!

First of all we are using a bookcase that was basically an ugly thing used to hold BOOKS. Hence why we have it! We aren't builders, we are studiers! Hence if a bookcase is out there for the taking, we take it! So I had the brilliant idea of making this four shelf bookcase into a dollhouse for Aimee.

Our bookcase has a shelf depth of six inches and the shelves are about 9 inches apart. Sam took a 1x4 over to my parents house (Who are builder-type people) and we had the board cut to make the room partitions. Then we figured out what rooms we wanted and where to put the dividers. We made the partitions smaller than the shelves so we do not have to cut doors into the partitions.

Here is my wonderful hubbie screwing in the room dividers.

Beautiful Bookcase huh? I told you it was ugly! 

but here it is after a fresh coat of paint!

And here it is with the second coat of paint and our plan of the rooms! 
So far money spent $0!!!! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post as we pick out wallpaper (scrapbooking paper) and flooring for this little abode! 


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  1. That's such a cute idea! Never thought of using a bookcase before.

  2. I just wanted to say you have inspired me to make my son some cool stuff like this when he gets older. Thanks for posting this. You did an awesome job.


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