Lamps: Ugly to Gorgeous in seconds!

My mother-in-law recently bought some beautiful lamps at a garage sale and I commented on how much I loved them and told her if you find any more lamps like that at a garage sale, pick them up for me and I'll pay her for them! I shouldn't have . . . I really shouldn't have! She immediately responded by telling me that Grandma Betty just got new lamps and wouldn't I like the old ones? I did not want to seem ungrateful or too good for the lamps so without seeing them, I said "Oh, ok, sure!"

They were wrapped up in plastic and put in our van to be seen later on. They were pink. PINK! I used to despise pink and now I will occasionally wear pink because I think pink looks good on me but when it comes to decorating anything but my 3-year old's bedroom (who's fave color is of course PINK!), PINK is OUT!!!

So the lamps honestly went into a closet until yesterday. My husband and I went to Menards. This is always a dangerous place because sometimes we get motivated to do "projects" on our home. But this was a good trip because all we purchased was a doorknob to replace a broken one and this:

So we took the two pink lamps and another lone lamp that had lost it's brother in one of our moves. We also grabbed a silver floor lamp that I had purchased in college that still works great but silver doesn't really match our decor. We wrapped up all of the workings and cords and stuff in little baggies and taped off all of the parts we didn't want painted, and my hubbie went to work painting them for me! Here is the before pic of the smaller lamps!

My parent's had bought some lamps with shades that were fairly dark and my dad did not like them but I loved them so they worked perfectly with the smaller lamps! Here is the after picture of all of my lamps!

and a closer picture so you can see the smaller lamps a little bit better . . .

I L-O-V-E them!!! They are perfect for my bedroom and the floor lamp and lone lamp are perfect for our living room! I love matching my decor! And they only cost me $5.77 for the can of paint! Yay!

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  1. Isn't Rustoleum AWESOME? We used it on our carriage lights by our garage. The transformation was amazing!


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