Simple Things Day 2

Outside my window - is an absoutely beautiful day - one of which I'm thinking of throwing my dirty house to the wind and taking my kids out into it! 

I am thinking - about how much I'm missing my husband who is helping his dad (whose birthday is today!) remodel their bathroom. 

I am thankful - for the fact that today marks 12 weeks of my pregnancy - another one of those major marker days because sometime in between 12 weeks and 14 weeks I miscarried our last child. God has been so good in allowing me to feel this little one move occasionally to remind me of the baby's and also God's presence!

From the learning rooms - we are practicing the letter "S." It's been a rough road in attempting to start to homeschool Aimee because of my morning sickness and other pregnancy problems but we're going to punch it again today! 

From the kitchen - not much!! Sam has left me so I picked up some frozen pizzas and frozen Chinese food to tide us over while he's away. The kids love it and I'm glad to be able to think about other things I need to exert my waning energy on! 

I am wearing - shorts and a t-shirt. 

I am creating - Christmas presents! I started the project last night. Due to our financial circumstances the past couple of years, I've been making all of my Christmas presents for our loved ones. It's been quite the challenge but it went really well last year and I'm still working on it for this year. Stay tuned for what I made last year for Christmas! I can't tell you what I'm making this year - it would spoil the surprise! 

I am going to my son's 2nd birthday party on Saturday! I can't believe my baby is two already! We're throwing a truck and construction work party for him and Aimee could not be more excited because she's been helping with all of the plans! It's definitely more fun to give than to receive and so true of my 3 year old! 

I am reading my Bible and "The Atonement Child" by Francine Rivers. I first read this book while working at the Pregnancy Center and I've read it several times since - I just love it! 

I am hoping and praying about our current situation right now. Sam has been interviewed for a position at the Christian Opportunity Center in Indianola and to be honest we're so uncertain of our future right now in regards to a church that we are simply leaning on our heavenly Father's perfect plan for us. We're definitely not giving up on a church but bills are ever looming and receiving a paycheck regularly again would be a huge relief! 

I am hearing my kids and "Oh Be Careful Little Eyes" blaring from my kitchen - yes both my kids and my music are blaring the song! :-) LOVE IT!!!

Around the house - is a MESS!! I told my hubbie last night on the phone that I was hoping to get a lot of sleep last night and be all ambitious and clean it in one full sweep today. We'll see - I'm working on the ambition part but I think some of it will get done! 

One of my favorite things - the Nancy Drew PC Games. I've played all 22 of them and just finished the most recent a couple of days ago! Many of you probably don't know this because it's somewhat of a secret fetish that I really enjoy computer games especially my Nancy Drew games! The world really stops when I get one so I really space them out and make sure I ask my husband if I can get another one because he knows how much time I'll spend in "solving" the mystery! :-) There the "secret" is out! ha ha 

A few plans for the rest of the week - Sam comes home tomorrow and youth group is at our house tomorrow night. Thursday and Friday Sam is going to work on his sermon for preaching in Bloomfield on Sunday and Saturday - PARTY!! for my almost 2 year old son! 

Picture for the day! Fall is officially here! And while you can do this anytime of the year it's a tradition of the Autumnal Equinox so my hubbie and I tried it and it was a blast! :-)  

I have joined up with the Simple Woman's Daybook where women post weekly (which I have yet to do!) about the simple things they are enjoying! 

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  1. You and I have the same due date--today marks my 12 weeks too! Praise the Lord things seem to be going well for you. :)


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