Growing up in Church

Old pic of Aimee's first steps in church!
I am counting my blessings today. On Sunday my husband and I had the privilege of going to the church that I called home for several years. So many memories flooded back to me of what this church meant to me growing up. God used the ministry of this church to bring my dad into regular church attendance and eventually into ministry. After hearing a message preached about hell there, I became a child of God. I was baptized at this church! I have wonderful friends that still go to this church that I was able to see while we were there!  My Sunday school teachers, my AWANA teachers, my youth group leaders, and so many more were there. I must say that hearing my husband preach in this church was an absolute treasure to me. I feel as though I've gone full circle by going there on Sunday!  This church has totally served me and taught me on and off through about 16 years of my life and if it were not for the ministry of this church, I probably would not be anywhere near to where I am today in my relationship with God. I probably would not be married to a pastor, or be the daughter of a pastor for that matter. My children would probably not be going to church or hearing God's Word for themselves. It amazes me how God can take a small group of people and use their ripple effect to minister and serve so many people. It makes me think, how is my ministry today rippling out and affecting others around me? 

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