Quick-Pickup Method

I'm sure that most people have a way to quickly pick up the toys, books, and who-knows-what-all around their house. I thought I would share my method!

1. I get on my hands and knees and throw everything on the floor up on the couch or a table or anything higher up.

2. I gather the things that go in that room (say living room) and put them all away. Use a basket to carry it all if you need to.

3. Then I grab everything that goes in one different room (say bedroom) and bring it to that room.

4. In the bedroom I pick up everything off the floor and put it up higher.

5. I then grab everything that belongs in the living room and go put that away.

6. I continue doing that process until the living room is clutter free then I make another room my main room to stem off of.

7. For the basement or a different floor, I put everything in a basket at the foot of the steps for the things that need to go up or down instead of making multiple trips up and down for different rooms.

The reason I do it this way is to save my back from bending over so much and I save steps in carrying things to different rooms.

You can also make this a mindset pattern. Whenever you are in one room and need to go to another, grab stuff that goes to other rooms and drop the piles off on the way. At least they will be in the appropriate rooms and can be put away at a later time when you're really cleaning. I have a methodical and practical brain and sometimes I make it a game to see how much stuff I can grab and carry without making a trip empty-handed!

What are some of the tricks you use to clean things up quickly?

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