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So guess where we are again. Sam is back in school. Last year Sam graduated with a Master's Degree but he also completed his first year towards a M. Div. with the thought that if God wanted Sam to continue, he would. Crazy thing is how it all fell together! Sam had to take one module that he missed last year to complete his degree so he knew this week he was going back. We received the module schedule and were looking at it and I saw that there was a counseling module that same week only in the evenings that he could take at the same time. Since I took every possible counseling class in college that I could, I knew that Sam would eat it up because whether Sam agrees with me or realizes it or not, God has given Sam a counselor's heart. Well guess what, Sam said he did not want to do two classes at the same time so we dropped it. Until Sam received an email with the syllabus for the counseling class saying thank you for signing up for the class. I thought Sam had gone ahead and signed up for the class so I didn't say anything. Sam then asked me if I had signed him up for the class! (Which I would never DREAM of doing that to him!!!!). Needless to say, Sam finished the first night of the class last night and he said that he was LOVING the class and he was really being challenged personally and realizing how important this class was going to be and get this - he wants to take more counseling modules!! Ummm Wow!! As for me, I'm just thankful that we can stay in our house and Sam can attend modules instead of daily classes. Especially since we just learned that the apartment we were living in now has 2 inches of water all over the floor! I know because my brother Paul is living in it! :-/ I am amazed at my God and how He works things out perfectly!

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