Cleaning my Microfiber Couch

My couch is once again beautiful! After only a year of use, it needed cleaned terribly! We purchased a microfiber couch and loveseat because we were told it would be the easiest (other than leather) to maintain. I thought it would be too. I just didn't know exactly how to maintain it. So I asked my slew of friends on Facebook and Becky and Sarah were quick to help me out!
Our couch has been spot cleaned but it would leave water marks from where I cleaned it so I was a little confused at how microfiber was so kid friendly!
Here is the BEFORE pic. Icky!
Following Sarah and Becky's advice I used a carpet cleaner and my homemade carpet cleaner solution - 3 oz. Oxi-Clean dissolved in 4 cups hot water. I use this everytime I clean carpets and I LOVE it! Then I went to work using the attachment.

After scrubbing each one completely I put them out in the blazing sun on my driveway! The first one was completely dry before I finished the last one it was so quick! I thought I wouldn't be able to use my couch all day but it was very speedy drying!

Here is my AFTER picture! All in all it took me about 30 minutes to scrub the cushions and the arms of the couches. While they were drying I vacuumed the inside of the couch and mended a small tear in the couch. By the time I was done with that the cushions were dry and I was finished! (The arms of the couch took a little longer to dry but weren't too long either.)

YAY! Now my couch looks like the day we bought them. Now I too agree, microfiber is amazing for cleaning up after kids! I just did not know how to do it!



  1. I'm gonna have to try this. I've had mine for almost seven years and it needs cleaning.

  2. So you used the oxyclean in water and a carpet cleaner for your couch? Or that was your cleaner? A little confused here and would really like something good to clean my couch.

  3. Most carpet cleaners call for some type of cleaner and instead of purchasing the ready made stuff I use Oxy-Clean dissolved in water and it works great like a normal carpet cleaner. Then I used the carpet cleaner with that cleaning solution to clean my couch. HOWEVER, since this post I have learned that a bucket of water with a little Oxi-Clean and a rag works well too! So if you don't have the cleaner, try that! The trick is to wet the entire surface as to not get the water spots :0) Hope that helps! happy cleaning!


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