Respecting My Hubbie!

My husband and I have been spending a TON of time together lately. Since neither one of us is working outside the home right now - here we are with each other. God has truly blessed our relationship and I'm very oh so thankful for my husband. (Check out our engagement pic! Don't we look young!!) Needless to say as I told my husband just yesterday I have been really working on my submission and respect towards my husband. I've pretty much decided that my personality combined with my husband's personality does not a submissive and respectful wife make. It takes WORK!!! So I've been working on it. It's been tough but I've had a few resources that have kept me focused on this task that I wanted to share with you! First of all I found Courtney's blog Women Living Well  and she has been doing a series on "Being the Woman Your Man Needs." This has been a huge blessing to me! She has encouraged me and reminded me of several things that I tend to naturally and sinfully forget. I've also subscribed to Nancy Leigh DeMoss's 30 Day Challenges. These are fantastic! I'm in the middle of the husband encouragement Challenge. It sends you a daily assignment to encourage your husband in different ways. Love it! So if you're having some trouble respecting or encouraging your husband check these resources out! I know I have benefited greatly from them! 

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  1. It's really an interesting thing to work on....HARD to work on. I thought I DID respect my husband until I started reading "Created to Be His Helpmeet".....I was kind of in for a surprise. My definition of honor and respect was vastly different from reality.


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