Pastor's Family in Limbo

A yo-yo goes up and down and side to side and round the world. It all depends on who is holding the string. Sam and I are definitely the yo-yo! We have no idea what God has planned for us next. It has been a back and forth, up and down road for the last year or more. We're clueless! But you know what? I've never been more confident that God has placed us exactly where we need to be. Why? I have NO idea!!! But I know, because the peace "which surpasses all understanding" is within. I have been struggling with all of the uncertainties and let me tell you, there are MANY right now! But God is in my heart just telling me to be still and know that HE is God and I am not. He has a plan and He doesn't want us in on it right now. That's tough for a major planner like me. But I am learning so much about my God in this time. He supersedes our plans and our wants. God has the perfect road picked out that will allow us to glorify Him the most. I am amazed at all of the little ways that He has showed me just that in the past few months. 

Thank you God, for your plan. Thank you for Your understanding of all things. Help me to glorify you while I'm waiting. Amen.

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