Monthly Household Cleaning Chart

I've been really struggling with staying on top of my housework. Since we moved out of the apartment, my cleaning list has expanded (twice the space, twice the cleaning!). I kept falling behind and getting frustrated with the state of my home. So I made 3 lists: each of everything I needed to do daily, weekly and monthly. Then I printed it off and stuck it in my planner so I could write my to-do list for each day based on the chart. Obviously, stuff happens, and I won't be able to finish my list for the day on the day. But if I know I'm going to be gone to appointments, I divide that days chores on the day before or the day after. I also created it so Sundays are only basic and Wednesdays are lighter too because of church. Saturdays are also light because we usually do family activities that day. It's been working really well and I love checking something off my list! It makes me feel as though I'm really accomplishing something instead of becoming overwhelmed with housework. If you would like, go to My Contact page and send me your email address and I can send you my Cleaning Chart so you can adjust it to your own needs! 

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