Introducing: BIG BEDS!

So I'm really excited! My kids are going to be shedding their baby beds (actually their beds shed them!) and we are bringing in the twin beds! Since the cribs were recalled we decided to go ahead and sell the toddler bed that we bought and plunge the kids into BIG BEDDOM. Ha ha - craziness I know. But I have no bedding for twin size beds soooo I got to go shopping with the in store credit I received from WalMart for the cribs! Works for me! Since Cody is fascinated with cars and trucks. . . TA DA! 
Way cute I know!
Aimee was a little harder. She loves Princesses and all that but i'm not a huge fan of promoting movies all over my house so I gave her some options and she picked this one out (much to the delight of mom!) 
Yay!! I love them and they will be really fun to decorate themes around when God presents "The Church" and we move again! Oh yea, and by the way I only spent $80.12 total! For a complete bedding set I think this is great! 

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