"Mission Toy Room" Accomplished!

It's finished! Most of the toys are now down in the basement and no longer in the kids room. The toys are now occupying nice bookshelves in our family room downstairs. My baby monitor is set up so I can keep an ear on them which makes me feel better. I love it and the kids like the space to spread out their toys! And believe me they do it too! Bedtime had become "Let's be quiet as mouses and play with toys instead of sleeping time" and it needed to be stopped! Several people (including my mom and husband) have told me that I should try splitting up my kids into different rooms. I agree wholeheartedly! I just can't do it! My house is set up with the Master and one other bedroom upstairs and two downstairs. I love having a 4 bedroom house! It's awesome! But I can't do it! I have several reasons:

1. If she wakes up and starts to cry, I may not hear her if the monitor gets turned off.
2. My basement is a walk out basement and she could escape and I'd never know it!
3. My basement is a walk-out basement and someone could take her and I'd never know it!
4. My basement is a walk-out basement and is scary even to me at night!
5. Probably the biggest reason - I'm not ready for her to grow up and be that independent!

Needless to say, I'm hoping our house will have 3 bedrooms all on the same floor so I can be close to my kids and not worry about those things anymore. In the meantime, they're not complaining and I'm the one who deals with the bedtime issues anyway so it's all good!

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