Loved for generations!

Toys can hold such sweet memories! My sister and I led some very interesting and different lives that were imagined through the "lives" of our Barbies or our Fisher-Price Little People. We traveled to exotic places on our rocking horse. We became architects and built beautiful castles and houses for our Lego people. Our paper dolls were dressed in beautiful and fantastic ways! I even remember how our yellow pom-pom was used for everything from a campfire to a beautiful wig on our head! Making "hamburgers" for mom and dad in our play kitchen holds sweet memories too. My sister and I sometimes take a walk down memory lane and remember times when life was much simpler. Playtimes were some of the most happy memories of our childhood that we have.

Watching my kids begin to develop their own playtimes and being creative with their imaginations is so exciting to me! It's funny too because I've noticed how the toys I really want to get for my kids are the same ones that I have sweet memories about! My kids have Little People, a play kitchen, Legos, and Melissa and Doug dress up girls. Aimee also has Barbies, but I'm somewhat regretting that decision because "her girls" always seem to be a little cold from the lack of clothing, and "mommy" doesn't seem to think it's a big deal!

My mom did a great job of saving some of our precious toys for us as we have our own children. Crazy thing is, they were her toys too! I received a little rocking chair where I rocked my "babies," attached stuffed animals up to it like a dogsled, and became a paralytic for my sister to push around in my "wheelchair." Now my kids have it and that is so precious to me! My niece just turned two years old and it was time for her to receive her special toy from Grammy. Mom had me go to storage and grab our old rocking horse and clean it up for her. I decided to bring it home first and let my kids rock away and boy did they love it! Especially my horse-loving Cody! Precious times.

What toys did you love as a child and do your kids play with them or something like them now?

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