Another Cake with a "Warhammer" theme

My "little" brother Scott turned 15 this month. (Yikes!) Since he is usually up at Camp on his birthday it had been a while since he had a complete party on his birthday. I called mom and asked what he was really into right now. I was expecting Star Wars or Eragon or something like that. Nope - Warhammer. Now understand, I have NO CLUE what Warhammer is all about. I called my other "little" brother, Paul for some pointers and he actually came over and helped me accomplish this feat. I think it's the worst cake I've ever done because it looks so hideous. However, it was a good 5-10 minutes before the guys cut into the cake to eat it they were all so excited about it! Here are the pics! 

I colored the icing a tan color then sprinkled the landscaping with brown sugar. The "river bed" is chopped up butterscotch chips and chocolate chips. The water is thin blue icing. The road is also made out of chocolate chips. The bridge is made out of Tootsie Rolls.

My brother told me that these "guys" are messy so their houses have to be a mess too. Mission accomplished. 

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  1. excellent work : ) i really admire your love for your brother


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