In My Reading Basket

I love to read and since I've become a mom, reading has taken on a whole new meaning! I often times forget to do it and make it a priority. It has become a precious time when I can read my Bible, my devotional book, my magazines, and whatever else is stuck in there to read. Here is what is in my reading basket RIGHT now! 

1. My Bible - My biggest joy to read and always must be read FIRST!
2. "Me, Myself, and Lies" by Jennifer Hothschild - our ladies Bible Study Book - EXCELLENT and very convicting! 
3. "Oceans Apart" by Karen Kingsbury - I fell asleep last night reading this one, I love the author because she has such a variety of plots and stories in her books. 
4. "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman - my friend Erica gave me this book and it is awesome! She takes Biblical principles and illustrates practical ways to train your kids "in the way they should go."
5. "Toddler Wise" by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam - I've just started this one and I liked Baby Wise so much I thought this would probably be good too. 
6. "Saint" by Ted Dekker - Okay, this may not seem to be a type of book that I would read but to be honest, I enjoy books and movies that are psychological thrillers! Books that play with my mind and I have no clue what is really happening! This author definitely does that and he's CLEAN!!! :-) 
7. My monthly "Better Homes and Garden" magazine - I love magazines because they let me in on the world as it relates to my world! And in short little segments that I can read while waiting for something like Dr. appts or   potty training my kids! 
8. "Family Circle" magazine - love this one because it does the same for my parenting world! 
9. "Real Simple" magazine - My FAVORITE magazine ever, this one isn't in my reading basket because as soon as I get it in the mail, every other book becomes 2nd choice (except for my Bible of course!). Love the tips and tricks about organizing and making life simpler! 

That's what's in my reading basket. I keep it by my bed so my kids won't get into it and so I continually remind myself to pick up a good book to read! What's in your reading "basket?"

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