Casting Crowns in Concert

Friday I worked with Tasteful Dinners (my small part-time job on the side of being a SAHM) and we served breakfast, lunch and dinner to the cast and crew of Casting Crowns and Tenth Avenue North as well as Caleb and Will Chapman. It was a lot of fun - a long day since it started at 6am and ended at 10:30pm (I totally missed an entire day of my kids lives - kinda a bummer). But it was a lot of fun and I got to meet some really great people. Some people have asked me "What are they like?" and really they are NORMAL people! They are people God has called to live a public life but they are doing a great job striving to follow God with what He has called them to do. I saw them come to breakfast in the pajamas and no makeup. I saw them get completely all made up for the concert. I saw a mom struggling with disciplining her kids, but totally following through and being a great mom. I saw a mom concerned about her new pregnancy. I saw husbands respecting their wives and honoring them. I saw one of the (unsaved) truck drivers pull out an IPhone video that had a swear word and everyone caught it and asked him to turn it off. I saw fathers playing with their kids. I saw friends laughing and telling jokes. I saw people praying for the people they were going to reach that night at their concert. For them, it was a regular day and they were regular people. But God is the One who made them the special people they are. I thought it was really great to meet Casting Crowns because they are probably my favorite group but now when I hear their songs I will remember to pray for them because they have concerns and worries just like anyone else. All in all, it was a day to remember and if you ever get a chance to, go to a concert with Casting Crowns. It will be worth it.

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