Book Review: "More Love to Thee" by Sharon James

I have made a new commitment to finish a book every month. Notice I did not say read and finish a book every month! I find myself starting several books at a time and never finishing them. Today I finished one! I have picked this book up several times and only got through maybe a chapter in one sitting because there was so much meat to chew on! This book was recommended by a friend from college and I was very blessed by this biography on the life of Elizabeth Prentiss. She was the author of the hymn "More Love to Thee" and the book "Stepping Heavenward." Elizabeth was born in the 1800's and I was intrigued by the many similarities of her life to my own. She was a wife, mother, and Pastor's wife who felt very incapable of the positions given her. She was extremely humble and always desiring to follow God and greatly mourned her sin which prevented the holiness she craved. It was so encouraging to me to see inside her and see the same struggles, thoughts and desires that I struggle with on a daily basis. She loved being a mother but she was faced with her children's death, the struggle of being pregnant or the desire to not be pregnant. She adored her husband and respected him and his opinion which was a huge example to me. She loved being a pastor's wife and loved how she could help people in the ministry that she owned just as much as her husband did. Overall, I learned that despite my failings, I can still strive to be a woman dedicated to following God and not allow my short-comings to hinder me in drawing closer to Him. May my heart always desire to give "More Love to Thee."


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the book, Ann! It is definitely on my list of all-time faves. :) I just finished reading another really good one by Carolyn Mahaney called Shopping For Time, and am in the process of reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Shopping For Time is short (90-100 pages or so), but was SO good and offered very practical helps! Crazy Love is good, but seems like it should be basic stuff for a true believer though too.

    Thanks for posting your book reviews! Fun to read. :) Love, Hannah S.

  2. Thanks Hannah! I've read Crazy Love as well and Sam and I both got a lot out of it! Seems basic at first and I skipped some of it but other chapters really get you seriously convicted! I'll have to look into Shopping for Time, I've never heard of that one! Thanks for sharing!


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